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This was posted in the members section and I feel all Canadian Home inspectors should get some ideas on what Bill Mullen is saying .

Re: Canadian National Certification?

Originally Posted by rcooke
*To use your words (but the numbers speak for the need for improvements.)
I feel that CAHPI has not handled the National Certification very well .
Lack of information comming from those who have the information.
Lack of giving a complete presentation to those who CAHPI wants to take the NC.
Lack of complete answers to questions.

Roy Cooke*

Originally Posted by bmullen1

The answers have been provided many times, but since they aren’t the answers you want to hear, you find fault with them.

*The information has been public knowledge for months for those who can read. *
You complain the CAHPI is not doing a complete presentation…just what do you think I’m doing in May at the convention?

I am the only one foolish enough to put himself in the line of fire over this, because anyone else who could do a presentation sees the futility due to hostility even before a person opens his mouth. They see it as a waste of time, and your attitude comfirms this.

Keep complaining, Roy. We really don’t give a darn what you think anyway. You and your inane rants are the biggest reasons that NACHI can’t get any credibility or respect in Canada. It’s too bad, too, because NACHI has a lot to offer and you are holding them back.

I don’t suppose you noticed how well the information was flowing last week when people were being civil to each other? Strangely, it all stopped when you decided to go on another one of your hate campaigns.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for your openion Bill but to try and transfer the blame to me is strictly hog wash.
I can give you many examples,
But CAHPI is who wants the National Certification to go ahead .
Well Lets start with the Whistler .
You just last week said it has been put on the back burner as the NC is more important .
Well why was this not said two years ago it has been mentioned here many times .
There is absolutely no reason why CAHPI has not acknowledged the offer of free both at the NACHI conference .
There is absolutely no reason why CAHPI has not acknowledged that CAHPI members can attend the Conference at NACHI members rates .
NACHI came forward with this to show how receptive NACHI is to all CAHPI members .
If some one had of used some common sense they would ave seen what a great door opener this was and immediately jumped on the band wagon and said what a great idea now lets show NACHI that we the CAHPI association thinks this is great and return the offer by inviting all NACHI to your conference at Members rates .
If CAHPI/Ontario was also interested in opening the doors to all they could have offered NACHI members to come to their Conference next month too.
It is obvious to me that CAHPI and OAHI are in a panic mode and have no idea how to show they want to get along with NACHI .
It is obvious to all except the secret society that NACHI is well loved in Canada and is growing at a great rate well CAHPI And OAHI are not .
Bill You can call me all the names you wish and put all the blame on me when you NC fails and do not doubt me it will never grow like you want .
NICK has given you an open door to talk to the NACHI members and most can see through your BS.
Bill you can fool some of the people some of the time but you sure can not fool the NACHI members .

Roy Cooke

Here we go again. The Canadian members section was created, as I see it, to get away from discussing issues in the open so as not to let the people posting under assumed names a chance to waylay threads and cause conflict.
Roy leave the members section in the members section.

It’s no fun for him in there, he can’t argue with anyone:roll:

MR. Larry Sorry you feel that way.
Roy Cooke A happy Nachi Member

Blah, blah, blah. You should have been dubbed NACHI Enemy Number One, instead of member of the year. You are a goofy plant from some other org, aren’t you?

Roy, is it necessary to start this horse pucky again?

Thanks for your thoughts but most of the information you and others who are not CAHPI members was from Ray and myself posting and asking questions.
If you do not wish to find out the truth then I say just ignore it .
Unfortunatly there is mucinformation that still has not been realesed.
He77 I am over 70 it would be so easyfor me to say so what,but I will not.
Have no idea how long you have been around but I expect I know more then most of what is going on.
I have from the get go have done what I feel is correct for all Home inspectors.
If you have a better idea I am all for it .
It was questions from a few that has brought out most of what you know.
If you wish to talk about this it might be better to send private email

Roy Cooke

You’re like some old woman on the washline, across the back yard. Nothing better to do, than yippety, yappity, yap, yap. When there’s nothing going on, you make up crap to fill the void in your empty cup of excitement.

If there were no internet, you’d have no soapbox.

They should ban your IP right after they suspend your drivers license, you blathering old fool.

If this is really the way you would like to deal with this why did you post it in the non members section in the first place?

Thanks for your intelegant reply I and others appreciate all the help you continue to supply .

Roy Cooke A happy Nachi Member