Bill Mullen, Past CAHPI President, defends NACHI on Canadian Assoc.'s message board.


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What are you afraid of? If having NACHI set up an information booth is a big threat to CAHPI Ontario then our association is not built on a very strong foundation.

*NACHI the organization has done nothing to offend CAHPI Ontario or its members. Sure, two or three of their members have been a problem, but most of that stems from the fact that nobody in OAHI has had the gonads to deal with them. *

If we show them a good time, maybe some NACHI members will sign up for membership in CAHPI Ontario. They’ll never see what we have to offer if we don’t let them visit.

We can keep pretending they don’t exist or we can face reality and make the best of it. I’ve met hundreds of NACHI Home Inspectors and very few of them had horns and a tail. This industry will continue to flounder unless people show a bit more understanding and express an interest in cooperating with each other.

*Actually, I’m considering asking my friend Nick Gromicko to come up and be my special guest at the conference. *

Bill Mullen RHI
CAHPI Past President

Bill you are the greatest and I do hope others have the courage to stand up like you have .
This could be the start of both our associations getting to know each other .
Thanks for saying this .
Roy Cooke

Roy, thanks. Now get Ray on board and we have a foundation to something great.


I allways knew that you care about our industry!!!

Good for you Bill.

Hey Mario:

Sorry I had to mention your horns and tail. I’ll buy the next round.

Bill Mullen


I don’t have horns/tail do I??? Your on for that drink!!

Kudo’s to you for attempting to lay a few bricks in the foundation, if all can follow, a great house can be built for HI’s as an industry

Well said Bill, I support you whole heartedly and once again I have to say, from my experience with CAHPI as an organization and with the specific CAHPI members I met either in person or by email during the National Certification process I was very impressed with the professionalism shown.

Hats off to you Mr. Mullen. Well said, well done.

“defeat is not worst of failure, not to have tried is true failure” Mark Twain

And again, well done!

*You obviously have a very short memory. What the hell do you think Mr. Lloyd has been doing, given his position?

And even more so given your recent attempts to reconcile.

Bill you must stop confusing the issues to suit your agenda.

Thanks Shawn, William, Mario, Paul, Roy, Ray for your kind words here and thanks to a few others who have phoned or e-mailed with words of encouragement.

I think there is only one person on earth who is more of an optimist than I am, and fortunately he will be involved in this quest for peaceful co-existence and respect. (Hint - think NG)

I want to take the weekend and try to come up with a way to make things happen fairly fast, but still with enough time that everyone is well aware of what is transpiring. There will be some meetings, but the last thing we need is to get mired down in red tape.

I ask that everyone else also do some thinking to see how and even if this is going to work. I look forward to positive suggestions, but not demands. I welcome well conceived ideas with realistic goals and intentions without pointing fingers.

I will also try to get something started on the other side.

Bill Mullen

Good luck Bill lets hope this is the start of something good for the Industry,
… Cookie

Hey Ray,

Which kind words did you change you mind of here?


Was a rabbit pulled out of the hat?

Not yet, but that wascally Wabbit is in the hat somewhere and we’ll find him. Lots of work to do first.

Bill Mullen

I just read Bill’s post on the OAHI forum and Bill makes some fantastic points about the industry needing to work together to progress. He did not just point fingers, he stated we all need to have an open mind. This is not just a great post from Bill, but all around great post in relation to the industry.

Also now to keep this straight… Bill owes Mario a drink… Mario owes me a drink. I hope I do not owe anyone a drink, or this could get really mixed up… and I think I will get me another drink right now.:mrgreen:

Excellent post Mr Bill!!


You are correct I do owe you a drink. I will buy you all you can eat and drink in Vegas at our next convention!!

Mario, can I take a number?:mrgreen:


Looks like OAHI is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. The fact is if I posted the same stuff on the CAFE like Kirk or in reply like Bill the zealots would have expunged the posts and suspended me. Or if I had reposted a post from the CAFE to the Nachi forum I would have been suspended.

Boy I guess it pays to be in the right clique and read the CAFE forum rules dependent on what you have been told as to how to interpret them.

Priceless, it just shows the contempt and the ignorance as to their own rules.

Thanks Marcel for reminding me of the descrepencies! :slight_smile:


Come to Vegas my friend and you don’t need a number!!