Age and tonage of split central air unit handler

I have been searching online and have not had any luck finding information about my air conditioner.
I recently purchased a home and do not know the age of the handler unit.
General Electric
Model # BGWE424G1F01 serial # 3437804 Date code 130
60 cyl 1 phase 230 V
Any information, i.e. tonage, seer, age. would be appreciated.
Thanks, Lonnie

Best thing to do is to call the manufacturer

Check your home inspection report. I bet the inspector has that information there.

3.5 ton date can be hard could be 88 98 2008

Last three numbers of serial number
1st place digit = year
2nd and 3rd place digits = week
Example: xxxxxx241 = 1982, week 41

Last three digits of model number indicate approximate rating in 1000s of BTUs
Example: 21TC030A = 2.5 ton

That serial number coding GE used doesnt pin down the year, only the last digit of the year. So it could be 1998, 1988, 1978, etc. which is not very helpful.

Also the capacity could be 42,000 BTU (BGWE424G1F01) which is 3-1/2 Tons, or it could be 24,000 BTU (BGWE424G1F01) which is 2 Tons

Call the GE Appliance division at 800-626-2002 to get the info you want.

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