A/C compressor fins?

Did an inspection today, A/C units fins were severly closed. Seller stated pressure washed them several years ago. Though about writing it up as could adversely affect the cooling unit and cause premature failure. Have qualified, HVAC evaluate and repair/replace as necessary.

Yep, the Coil looks “Damaged”…Pressure Washer?..hard to believe what some people do—:shock:

Inspected a building last week the Heat Pumps had severe Hail damage, but nobody tried to straighten them out with a pressure washer…may work squirting from the inside outward, but I doubt it—:stuck_out_tongue:

Question: Can the fins be straighten out to allow enough cooling to take place?

Absolutely. Simply replace the unit.

Tedious job. Lots of cut fingers. Yes, the fins can be straightened out with "Fin combs, needle nose pliers and ice pick. Very expensive to have a technician do this task though

Depends on how damaged. If they are just flattened a fin comb should take care of most of them. If some are doubled over it may take fin comb, pocket screwdriver a radiator fin pliers. It is going to take time. Yes it will cost but it will reduce compressor run times and lower amp draw.

Strange that you should make this post when you did. I received a call yesterday about the same subject HI failed to report hail damage on a inspection 2 units probably going to cost him some money

Absolutely … restriction of the air flow will limit how well the unit can cool the freon gas. The system won’t cool the house as well, and it could run continuously on hot/humid days, eventually leading to an early death for the compressor.

Funny stuff … Hmmm … may be worth a shot for the guy to “fix” the damage … :smiley: