Air Conditioning Compressors

Just curious how many inspectors remove the covers on the outside condensing units to examine the fins and system.

Want to have some idea so that we have some information if clients ask.

Also, unit that are within close proximity of salt water, is that something that is noted on your reports?


I do not open them. I do note corrosion and include images.

Same just a visual inspection ,and test to see if the cool .

Same just do a visual Inspection and see they cool .

I do it all the time. It only takes a few minutes. On older units the coil fins are usually damaged or clogged. It just provides more information and ammunition on a unit that is older that it may need replacing sooner, rather than later. Also, I cannot count the times that I have found burned wires or connections.

Am I missing something with removing the cover plate to examine the coil fins? I have removed it to take readings with an ammeter before but 90% of the coils fins are already visible. You can see them from the outside and look at the inside past the fan.