A/C Compressor Fuses and issues


I’ve had to replace the fuses for my A/C unit twice in the same summer. The plastic cover says 60 amps which i assume is 30amp fuse each? Of course the local Home Depot only has 70amps on the shelf.

I ended up checking the Compressor itself, I’m not entirely sure what i’m reading. It says 40amps max, now does that mean just don’t go over 80 total? Pics should be included.

I just want to have the correct fuses so I know that part is taken care of. Next thing it seems i need to double check is to tighten up the screws that’s around the Disconnect. I feel that’s why the fuses keep blowing on me.

Last question is: The compressor fan keeps stopping every 20 minutes or so for 20 mins. Is that normal? I’ve never really paid attention until now.

You would want to put two - 40 amp fuses in the fuse box.

As far as the cycling goes, you may have an in-line controller put there by your local utility that turns the power on and off remotely in cycles (to control the overall load on the power plant)

The very best thing you can do is call a licensed professional…It will save you a lot of heart ackes…Yep!
Question at hand?
Why is it blowing fuses in the first place…? Huh?
If you don’t know what you’re doing with electrical…And still messing with it…YOU are bound to get burned.
Make sure you have you last will and testament all in order.
Make me you beneficiary…OK?

okay i’ll try putting in 40 amp fuses and see if it works.

We did have our local power company already take it out earlier this summer.

Guess we’ll be calling for a tech soon.


I just noticed my images didnt work. They aren’t allowed on here?

Thanks for the answers btw. I thought i did a reply an hour ago but didnt show up

It is a 240 volt circuit. Each leg gets up to a 40 Amp fuse (the max that your condenser is designed to handle). Two 40 Amp fuses on a 240V circuit yields up to 40A @ 240V. You do not add the fuse values. The two 40 Amp fuses do not make it 80 Amps.

If installing 40 Amp fuses does not resolve the problem, do not install larger fuses. Call an HVAC contractor, who may be able to resolve your problem with a capacitor/hard start kit. He will need to measure amperage draw to determine the correct course of action.