A/C compressor next to hot tub

Is this ok or not?


Looks like an Issue to me Condo—oh, and what’s the Disconnect attached to?..the neighbors fence----NOT enough clearance for me, I would Write, Write, Write—;-)—:shock:—:twisted:—:smiley:

I would probly use that weed killer laying next to it to get rid of the weed growing…HaHa…Seriously tho looks as though it would be to close for servicing the panel. Then you have to think about the splashing of water which would be much more exposure than some units would be subject too.

Anything in codes for electric or compressor space requirement to back me up though.?

Condo…I think it requires 30-36in. something like that, email Jeff Pope, he’d know exact words to use…but I wouldn’t site exact wording, this is a common sense issue in my opinion…THERE IS NO WORKING SPACE—PERIOD…—:smiley:

How you been doing Condo…staying busy?

One REO after another here, full plate for next week already…man am I sick of these POS…!!

I recommend 36" of clearance for maintenance and proper ventilation/heat transfer. No code that I am aware of.

Manufacturers installation specifications, 10-4 Joe…!!

I don’t remember ever seeing one which didn’t require 30-36 inches…it even makes sense…!!

Even when encroached on by shrubs, I write it up.


36 x 30" for panel, 24" condenser.

Aside from code, the tub chemicals (that will be sucked into the unit) will eat out the condenser coil.

Been getting busy the last week.
I sometimes like POS as it is good report practice.

Look ,I just learned something new right here.