A/C proximity to gas meter

Is there a min clearance required between the gas meter and the A/C unit?
(There is no electrical disconnect for the A/C unit)

Three feet clear zone from the vent is typical, I think.

Here is Centerpoint’s standard http://www.centerpointenergy.com/services/electricity/business/electricsafety/espanol/70d9bcf616584110VgnVCM10000001a10d0aRCRD/

Did someone knock that unit over!!!??

LoL. Just an old unit. There were some around here but not popular.

Kirk, there is no information in any of the code books regarding clearance requirements. The clearance requirement is enforced by your local gas company. I would try to email your local gas company to see what they say.

If their anything like our gas company, good luck.