Exhaust under window

I called out the high efficiency gas heating system exhausting just under a sliding window.
Good call?

Is it less than 4 feet? If not no.

Yes Charles, it is closer to three feet than four. Thanks for the feedback

Also, the gas meter has to be at least 3 feet away from under the window so as not to promote people from climbing on it. Or anything else for that matter,so someone can’t climb on to look in side the house.

Local jurisdictions vary on the locations of the meter. When in doubt check with the local jurisdiction, but in my area I would call out the location of the meter.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback Bob

Thank you Joseph

If it is more than 12" from operable window, it is permitted. NFPA 54 [8]
Non direct vent clearance is 4’.
A big concern is clearance to direct air intake for the furnace from the gas meter. That “bell” is also the active air intake and it is less than 3’ from the meter vent and that is your big red flag call out.


Thanks Lon,
So I was on the right track when observing this. Great feedback!

I would also check the manufacture of the gas fired appliance.

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