Furnace venting

Hi guys,
I’ve got a friend in Nebraska that’s concerned about the venting of his new furnace (installed early 2009)…one contractor that bid it mentioned a city code of being too close to the gas meter…my thought was that it shouldn’t be vented over a basement window! Comments? Thanks…


If the window can be opened, the vent needs to be at least five feet away. I never knew there was a rule about gas meters. I am not much on codes.

The vent should be at least three-feet from the meter vent, but it appears as though it is. I’ve seen utility companies flag a condenser being that close.

I checked the code check 2006 and came up with this clearances are 10,000 btu is 6 in clearance from bldg openings -10,000 to 50,000 btu is 9 inches and 50,000 and up is 12 inches and only rule for placement is no termination where vapor would be a nuisance. So the meter idea may be bad cause the vapor may cause premature rusting of the meter the base ect. the window should be ok just check for clearances