A/C unit 37 years old

And still operating, this is the oldest residental unit that I have inspected Fedders was always in my book a good unit. Owner tried to tell me the fan motor was also original but I could tell by the wiring that it had been replaced. BTW the owner was the person that had this unit installed what ever happened to moving every 7 years

That’s an oldie…

Don’t forget to write up the chalk lines

“Recommend HVAC technician to clean surfaces adjacent to the Condensing coils as the chalk lines may be that of a chinese-gypsum bearing type and can adversely effect the coils/hvac system/water supply, not to mention, encourage pedestrian traffic too close to coils which would obviously and adversely affect their performance… also, while the HVAC technician is there, he should inspect the coils as well… which is the point of this drabbly long narrative”

:smiley: kidding… I promise

I understand and enjoy kidding:D I don’t understand lack of training when so much is available;-)

It’s amazing how little rust is on that unit Charley. They don’t build them like that anymore.


And free!

Charley-you did write up that concrete pad as a structural deficiency right?! :slight_smile:

that pad got cracked when Charley jumped off the roof…