Best residential A/C unit ever made-))

GE brushed comb fins with high speed condenser fan motor. I find more of these old units still running with no past compressor change outs no more than a new fan or contactor. This one was only a 1979 model and still sounded great with a delta T of 20 degrees. Have found them as old as 34 years in age this one is still a pup. This one had the original furnace also same age 1979

That’s the model that Trane bought from GE with their climate-tuff compressor (Trane couldn’t seem to make a residential heat pum, Thank God most of those are gone!).

When clients finally get around to replacing these, they never seem to be satisfied with the new highs seer models.

My father in law bought a home in 88 and his unit still works and it is very comfortable in his home. The unit has rust on some places but it is still working great!


Every once in a great while I see one of these systems and they are still working just fine!! I also see Coleman systems 25 years plus working great!