Trane Age Needed Plz-;)


:lol:----Ahhh…Never mind, I’m gonna just tell um to buy a new one----:lol:

:lol:----Believe it or not this thing was producing 49 degree air supply, I was shocked-----:lol:

Beautiful condenser.

I’d definitely make the same recommendation.

Oh so it is old just set it aside ,Good lord i woke up this Am looked in the mirror and seen this old guy looking back , I said who in hell is the distinguished good looking guy. OK OK OK It was A grumpy old guy. Replace the unit

But the realtor says it is functioning.

But it is not functioning as intended.

It was never intended to be in service this long.

Yes, it is functioning and it may be functioning very well, but I’d still report it as…

***The Air Conditioning system was paced through it’s normal sequence of operating modes, with no obvious defects noted at time of inspection. However, due to systems age, it is clearly beyond it’s life expectancy, and replacement should be considered soon. ***

I put something like. Air Conditioning system operated properly at the time of the inspection and produced a 16 degree temperature differential. It is well beyond its typical life expectancy and everyday it operates should be viewed as a gift.

Its hard to STOP a Trane:D:D:D:D

Nothing a can of Rust-Oleum can’t take care of.

You guys are really something–:))

Chris, I should have at least put that in my report now that you mentioned it—:lol:—:lol:—:oops:

If you don’t know how old it is, how do you know it’s beyond its intended life expectancy? That doesn’t make sense.


Open your eyes…

In my 43 years in real estate, I’ve learned that Mother and Father Nature can do things that will deceive the eyes.

Judge: “How do you know it’s old?”
Me: “Open your eyes, Judge!”


Well it looks like crap but how do you know if it did not have a new compressor installed 6 months ago. That would make it almost like new be careful when one is talking old and replacement. It can bite you;-):wink:

I didn’t report replacing it, if you look at my LAUGHING emoticons I would think you’all would get the DRIFT…but it didn’t work did it—:stuck_out_tongue:

RR----I could care less what you think—:smiley:

Need help with age???:stuck_out_tongue:

:margarit:—Neither do you (make sense) in “MY” opinion—:lol:

Faagetta bout it----:lol:

Ah the old gezz my ac stop working that dang home inspector missed something.
Call : to inspector hello my ac is not working it is your fault

Yes I got your drift knew you were joking but other seem to miss your point I don’t think you need any help writing your reports;-):smiley: