A challenge to NACHI Tv

Using the concept described in this video for the same identical purposes (for home inspectors, of course) how long would it take NACHI Tv to provide something to be embedded in everyone’s website to achieve the same thing?

A week? A month?

I can hear the gears beginning to turn, already…

Not sure what you are suggesting.

Force members to advertise a consumer site linked to NACHI ?


The NAR will be hosting a feed into every realtor’s website…filling it with entertaining and newsworthy items of interest, relevant to the industry…instructions on how to care for the house…etc.

The newbies are bawling for NACHI to do something to make their membership appear more “credential” — here is how. Linking a video of Nick Gromicko expounding upon the value to the consumer of hiring a NACHI member to do an inspection, Ben Gromicko running down the long list of pre-qualification criteria and continuing education requirements and courses, an insurance provider explaining why CMI designees do not have to pay a deductable on their insurance, etc…

Experienced inspectors who are not dependent upon their NACHI membership as a “credential” can air specially produced NACHI Tv video with Paige Peters or Val Green looking into the camera and explaining why the visitor should immediately grab their phone and call you for an appointment.

Free branding, using the member’s web page.

In Januray 2010, NACHI.TV will be filming a series of videos for InterNACHI members to share with their clients. All free.

The first set of videos will be in relation home maintenance.

All InterNACHI members will be able to inform their clients,*"Now that you’ve had a home inspection, learn how the home works, how to maintain it, and save energy by going to the following sites -

(sites not live yet)
Stay tuned to NACHI.TV.

Ben all do respect. Why not do both?

Do both what?

I agree with Jim…I have been waiting for a generic video that describes exactly what Jim outlined. I would definately put it on all of my sites as long as it doesn’t have crazy loud music in the background or leading up to the video.

Uh!.. Come On! How about some cranked Black Sabbath as the InterNACHI logo rolls around on the screen? :slight_smile:

Sweet leaf would be fitting judging from some of the posts,or am I just being paranoid.:slight_smile:

Seriously if it is about clients needs and how NACHI members help them , I could see that.

If the purpose is to direct surfers away from members site I would avoid like the plague,as it would be Sabotage.

Great idea. And to have each video personalized to that inspector/inspection company. This way your branding the Inspector as well as NACHI. You could have a generic video for free & for a fee have a personal video produced.

Another idea is to have a short & sweet video, for example, “Inspector maintenance tip of the day - Sponsored by NACHI”. Something easy that we could just download or copy the code & drop it on a daily basis.

Anything to keep them coming back & keep your name out front. It also would be great for SEO.

i love to hear different music to tell you the truth.:wink:


I think you’re on to something. This particular website is very informative for home owners.

I’d love to see a similar link (iNACHI related) inserted onto my website.


I know your kidding (regarding Black Sabbath - I prefer AC/DC and the Rolling Stones), but the music portion of your videos absolutely do need revising.

LOL so i am not the only one that finds it ,Well to put it bluntly irritating :wink:

NACHI Tv has barely scratched the surface on how it can be used to benefit members and “brand” the association. Presently, it is a teaching tool…which is nice, necessary and limited in scope.

I’m asking those who direct NACHI Tv to think outside of the box and use this communication device to replace ASHI as “the voice” of the inspection industry.

James is on to something here.

He does come up with a good idea every once in awhile. :smiley: