NACHI TV offering a great marketing opportunity to members.

NACHI TV wants to come to your town and film you performing a real inspection (it doesn’t have to be a real client, it can even be your own home). We expect that we’d shoot for about 4 hours. It will end up as sort of a reality show that would end up being 45 minutes to an hour long after editing.

You can then link to the show from your website and tout that you were the featured guest inspector on the show in your marketing literature.

Anyone interested in being a star!!! ???

There is no charge for this.

There is always room for cameras in the Florida keys

Nick, I’d like to do this and then have it running on the front page of my website.

We have several homes here that we could use that would lend themselves nicely to this sort of thing. Also, there is a Women’s Magazine that is doing an article about female entrepeneur’s and they want to interview me and it would be nice to link this somehow, and one of the big three news casts is giving me the opportunity to interview on home inspection licensing and it would be nice to be able to link the piece some how to the inspection show.

How do I get signed up?

I have a empty townhouse sitting in Titusville that could be used for many Florida Inspectors.

Hey Greg, how about for a vacation stint :smiley: !


I have a house for the Inspection Show here in Texas.

I’d be happy to do one here in St. Louis somewhere.

Greg, are you willing to be filmed a bit for the show? We’ll come right down. We’ll edit out anything you don’t like.


I’m not shy.

You can come to Massachusetts and film me live with a fresh client and a home that I’ve never inspected previously. I’d rather stay away from my own home as the inspection will only last a half hour…my house is just about perfect and has no issues. I’ll also try to stay away from the foreclosed homes (for filming) as it’s now taking me an average of four hours to complete the inspection. These foreclosures in Massachusetts are totally trashed.

I’m inspecting everyday. I’ll simply ask my client if he/she minds if their inspection is recorded.

waving at Nick Hi Nick, is there an answer out there to my post? Thanks.

Anytime that you are ready Nick. I know that you are coming down in August.

HI Mic,

I would love to have you down but the unit is empty. I am just getting ready to put it on the market.
It would make a great location for filming a pilot show and making some promotional material for NACHI of new inspectors participating in a mock inspection.


Come on out Nick and we can do Dale’s house.

Geeze. This is starting to look like male chauvanism. :frowning:

Fine I’ll call it Wendy’s house. :slight_smile:


That’s not what I meant.

I meant that I’m the one that bumped this up and Nick totally ignored me asking to film at my place for my website.

Wendy in case it has escaped you, I am really only interested in what I mean, and then only half heartedly. ;):cool:

Hey you ba$tard, you better ask my wife first.

And how did you get in the backyard?..Been stopping over when I’m inspecting skyscrapers?

Bastard, Dale…

**You are killing me :roll: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D :roll: