A change in the Certificates?

I’ve noticed lately that the Certificate that I download upon the completion of a class has the score of the final exam on it. Previous Certificates did not include this. Is this something new?

What certificate are you referring to?
Or, all of them?

I recently completed “wood roof inspection”, tile roof inspection", appliance inspection", and fire extinguisher inspection" classes, and all of the certificates for these classes had the final exam score on them. Of the many other certificates that I have, none of them have the final exam score on them. For example…


Okay, I heard from Nick. Apparently this is something new. There are four States that require this information on the Certificate, so they all get it.

Yep. And I just learned that Texas now requires this also.

More states are getting away from the absurd NHIE passing cut-off score of 68 and switching to 80, the passing cut-off score InterNACHI has always used.

Well ok, I got some 80’s. more 90’s and I think maybe 1- 100%, or I was drinking that night and I thought I should have gotten 100% if not for those stupid trick questions.

If you don’t like your score, you are always free to retake the exam to get a cert with a higher score. InterNACHI’s exams are free of course.

You just wanted to show off:p;-)

Texas is only one of 50 states. There are other ways to show/prove your “passing” score than putting it on the certificate.

In fact to receive the certificate one must pass the final exam with a score of 80 or more.

It would be helpful, and a learning experience, if there were some way to see which questions you answered wrong. The fact that you are required to get at least 80 to pass and get a certificate should be enough. Of twenty Certificates I have one that’s not 100 that I would like to upgrade. :twisted:(bs)

[quote=“frotte, post:10, topic:90073”]

It would be helpful, and a learning experience, if there were some way to see which questions you answered wrong. QUOTE]

Yes, I agree with that statement. Many wrong ansers could be due to trick questions or hurryoing too much, but the wrong answers could be one to haunt you if answered wrong in the field. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is one thing great about the quizzes… OH, now you’re really showing off! Just kidding, good job. If you take 50 or more CE credit hours in a year you can apply for the Gerry Beaumont Award too.

I just checked, I have 186 CE credit hours for the year. Do I get a trophy?:smiley:

No, but you do qualify for the Gerry Beaumont Educational Award Certificate for 2014.

Send me a copy of your CE’s and will have the Committee send you a copy of the Award to put on your Website. :slight_smile:

I haven’t finished setting up my website yet. Is that okay? Done and sent.