Education System Updates

Hi folks!

We’ve just launched a few changes to our education system to make it easier to report and receive state credit. From now on, you’ll be presented with a “License Warning” screen before you can begin any final exam (you may have seen our beta version of this already). It will appear in one of two ways:

  1. If the course is not approved for state credit by any departments, you’ll be shown how many credits the course is worth for InterNACHI records. You will not be asked to enter your license number - just click “Continue”.

  2. If the course has been approved, all departments and states that have approved it are listed on the screen. You will be given the opportunity to review your current license numbers and add new ones. If you do not have a license in any of the listed departments, or you are working towards your license, do NOT enter anything - just click the button under “If you do not have a state license”.

At the end of the exam, at the certificate download page, you will no longer be able to enter new license numbers. If you get a new license later, you’ll need to re-take the final exam to get state credit for the course.

I’ve also reorganized the certificate download page to be a little more clear.

Let me or Ben know if you have any questions - all these changes are helping us to more efficiently log your continuing education credits with your state departments!

To start taking our online education courses:

To view the courses you have already passed or attempted, go to

To edit your license numbers:

Nice work.