A copy of the New SOP?

Hello colleagues,

Does anyone have a link to or a copy of the SOP for Ohio as Adopted by the OHIB? If so, would some share the link or copy? I’m not having any luck finding any downloads on https://com.ohio.gov/REAL/HomeInspectors.aspx but then I can’t find a copy of the draft there either.

Thank you for any links or copies you can share!

I’m not sure it exists yet Mike.

Nothing finalized, but follow the below link for the latest draft available.
Disregard any comments made in reference to the proposed SOP. They are not adopted.


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Gents. Thanks for the update. I’ll stay tuned for more. Just couldn’t find the relevant info in the other string (and know I have a really good understanding why).
Onward and upwards!


Edward Woodruff
Division Counsel
Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing
77 South High Street, 20th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-466-5042

Effects by me! This was the only change to the Canon of Ethics.


> > Disregard any comments made in reference
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Careful Michael :wink:

Yes. The Chair of the OHIB lives in Cincy. Just meet up with him you you need the official word.

Read the next sentence, butler:


Here is the Canon of Ethics. I was told the the SOP remained the same.

I’ll try to share both

PRR (1).pdf (310.9 KB)

Proposed Revised Rules for 1.30.20 OHIB Meeting (1).pdf (958.4 KB)

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you asked me to read something that I posted. I posted it for you to read.

is there something that needs explaining?

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I made no comment on the post - I simply shared it .

So the Canon of Ethics is “crap” to you? that figures

No, you force it. You do not share it. If you wanted to share it, you would do so and then shut your pie hole. :face_vomiting:

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