Proposed Revised Rules, Received 1/27/2020

I have not had the time to look them through, but here’s the DRAFT of revisions.

Proposed Revised Rules for 1.30.20 OHIB Meeting.pdf (958.4 KB)


The DRAFT, in OHIO, seems to be along the lines of other Home Inspector’s SOP regarding electrical inspections:



A licensee shall Inspect:

5. Interior parts or components of a service panels (sic) and subpanels;

We know who has been actively deceiving the public.

I thought you guys would catch that.

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Yes, the ignored one. :roll_eyes:

Guess who can’t do anything or make any representation that any other inspector can’t do during a home inspection, regardless of his certification…

Somebody is ripe for an ethics violation. Perhaps a licensed Ohio inspector will report him once the rules are finalized.

Funny that they added what I have been saying ALL along.

That would not had been added had I not contacted my state rep. The highlights were made by the state not me.

Added by BBS

Sounds like new construction inspections are NOT included under a home inspector license.

It does not say that Not Chuck. The inside of a panel IS NOT readily accessible.

For Not Chuck

It’s coming, you know it! What is Parks going to do now :expressionless:

Comical that you all are experts on Ohio law when only one of us is certified by the state on this subject.

They added what I wanted so all is good in my world. Its sad that you would encourage inspectors in Ohio to violate the law. Come here and get licensed and you can violate the law. Otherwise you should not mislead your fellow members.

Says the misleader… :roll_eyes:

Maybe they should hire an Ohio attorney to see who is correct then?


No, I am the only (Ohio) licensed home inspector who can. I’m also the only one who can determine serious hazards.

All the certs that I have are available IF you choose to get them. I chose to get them and I have had them for 13 years.

We don’t entertain trolls here.

Looking forward to hearing about the troll’s ethics violation complaint(s).

Thanks for posting, Bill.

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Chuck, am I reading this wrong? I think it would be hard to see without removing the dead-front.

" Integrity of Electrical Equipment and Connections. Internal parts of electrical equipment, including busbars, wiring terminals, insulators, and other surfaces, shall not be damaged or contaminated by foreign materials such as paint, plaster, cleaners, abrasives, or corrosive residues.

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Bill, you need these.


Nope, Bill. I don’t think you could see that without removing the dead-front. Nor could an inspector inspect the" Interior parts or components of a service panels (sic) and subpanels" without removing the dead-front which is a required activity when performing a home inspection in accordance with the current proposed Ohio Standard of Practice. Only a lying troll would try to convince you otherwise.

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