Advertising Open Houses

If you are new to the home inspection business in Ohio please think about your sucking up to real estate agents.

Don’t do things that may get you in trouble. Don’t agree to being a preferred inspector. Don’t give free advertising to real estate agents that send you business.

Ethics. This isn’t the 70’s kids. quid pro quo

According to Ohio Department of Commerce, you file a Home Inspector complaint form with them.

Did you? How did they respond to your email?

I have filed complaints but never a complaint form. Did they give you a copy of it? Did you talk to Kimberly or Ed?

Mike, in another thread a week or two ago you said you weren’t actually a home inspector. You just got your license and joined Nachi for some other reason. So why are you so worried about this?


Mike, I find your post, calling out another inspector on this MB in this manner, as unethical.

IMO it’s wrong of you to attempt to denegrade other inspectors by posting any issues you may have with them on this MB. This is not the right place for this.


This is only because he is the Chair of the OHIB. He is a public figure and is held to a higher standard. When the Chair of the OHIB violates Ohio law that hurts all of us!

Edit: side note: I am tired of him pushing his ASHI agenda on us. Have you ever attended a OHIB meeting? That is why I am posting videos. HI need to see what is happening to the profession with people like him at the helm. ASHI runs the OHIB. That’s not OK with me.

I said that I don’t do home inspections any longer. I do code inspections only.

Only a handful of inspectors got licensed before me. I was the 14th application received. My background check cause me to be in the 2nd week of license issuing.

I joined for the CE’s and to network with Ohio home inspectors but members from other states do all they can to prevent that from happening. Nevertheless people still contact me. This is just normal business BS.

Because I believe in acting ethically?

So, in Ohio, a realtor cannot recommend a Home Inspector? cool

Is “one of preferred”, okay? vs “preferred” ? is it the word, that’s the problem? what if the agent just says: here is a list of inspectors we worked with in the past, would that be okay?

Mike, you create government jobs, did you know this? the entire Ohio complaint dept exists, mostly, to service your complaints :smiley:

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Not just one. It must be (at least) 3 and from different companies. No kickbacks, no shady chit.

Probably so.


Duty to the Profession and to InterNACHI®

  1. The InterNACHI® member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI®, fellow InterNACHI® members, InterNACHI® employees, leadership or directors. Accusations of a member acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall trigger a review by the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI®.

  2. The InterNACHI® member shall abide by InterNACHI’s current membership requirements.

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I found the form online on the Ohio website. You’ll have to look for it yourself.

You want everyone else to follow the letter of the law to suit your agenda, but you refuse to follow protocol?

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??? What are you talking about?

Mike, if you truly believe and have proof that he is acting in this manner, then you should absolutely call him out. But I also find it unethical for you to do so on this MB. I understand that it is easier to set at your computer and fire off an accusation in an email than to follow the proper procedure, but you actually gave them a good reason to ignore you (not saying that they did). It appears to me that this may be more of a politically motivated action than an ethical concern. The inspectors from other states have every right to voice their opinion when someone acts as you have on this message board. It reflects badly on all of us when somebody acts this way.


I don’t. He sits on a state board and he admits in an open meeting that he has violated Ohio law for the last 3 year, which means he is either corrupt or stupid, and states that he will continue to violate the law.

That should upset every home inspector that plays by the rules. The vice-chair didn’t state that he would continue to violate the law but has been doing so for the last 3 years too.

How so?

There is no ‘safe zone’ for corrupt people.

I agree, but this is not the place. This does absolutely no good. Do it the right way. If it’s true it needs to be proven. I don’t think anyone is saying that you shouldnt file a complaint. But that you should not smear a person(s) reputation and violate the rules of this MB. Just do it the right way.



This is nothing more than a public smear campaign against Mr. Cordell since he is not here to defend himself.


I think that is Parks’ point. I’m not going to participate any longer. I don’t want to participate in giving him a stage. To be clear, I don’t know him.


Sounds like you are saying that I am slandering him. I say that your statement is libelous. Are you prepared to share what I have said that is false about him?

“damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations;”