A few commercial inspection resources:

Good-looking commercial inspector logo.

A lot of information there. Looking forward to getting knee deep in studying more courses when the season slows down this fall. Not that I am looking forward to the slow down itself.

If you’re interested in coming to Colorado, Nick has a free class on starting and running a successful commercial property inspection business at https://www.nachi.org/school/event/commercial-inspection-class-with-nick-gromicko-in-boulder-colorado/

Colorado, never been there would love to see the Rockies. But I better ride this hot market out till it finally slows down. Hey better Sept. 8th than April 20th to have a free course in Denver. I have a feeling that around Late Nov. Early Dec. I’m gonna be doing all sorts of courses to keep from going stir crazy.

This is great. I will be sure to let my BrickKicker nation know about this. We are putting on a 3-day Commercial course for our guys in October.

Commercial Education would be great. The more the better.

I was fortunate to grow up in a heavy equipment and foundation family. We did shopping centers, highways, subdivision streets and basements all over the Kansas City area.

Spent 3 years in Steamboat Springs and Denver building condo’s. Spent 4 years with a HVAC manufacturer as a factory rep on residential and light commercial units (under 15 tons). Then spent 10 years with a large national builder doing residential to start, then motels / hotels, office warehouses, retirement centers and light industrial. Then over 30 years inspecting residential, commercial and environmental.

Over the last 4 - 5 years I’ve started seeing a butt-load of new home inspectors with no relevant background or experience and maybe less than 2 yrs home inspection experience advertising to agents, lenders, etc they do COMMERCIAL inspections. A great amount have no earthly idea what they’re looking at, what they’re doing AND charge next to nothing for their expertise. They get buyers hosed, and give the rest of the profession a reputation as HANDY-MEN jokesters

Agree with Dan!