Useful Commercial Inspection links.

Thanks Nick

You left one out:D


Ohh, I remember them. They insist on using the ASTM which they cannot show their client without paying ASTM $$$. ComSOP is free to use for NACHI members.

You’re absolutely right Jimmy.
I’ve done 22 commercial inspections this year.
15 of my clients found me on line through the NACBI website.
The remainder were referred by former clients.
Some folks just never learn, do they Jimmy?

A very good organization. Dale Duffy is a class act.

Please explain where it says that a customer cant preview a copy if requested of a business that purchased a copy and uses ASTM 2018-18 standard James.

A customer from my understanding would not need to purchase a copy because they are not using for their business or personal use.

Maybe I’m missing something but I cant seem to find where it states that.


What made ASTM’s standard so unpopular is not that people (inspectors in particular) are unable to read it… it’s that people (inspectors in particular) did. :wink: It’s a disaster distilled into writing.

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