A few nice people left in this world

There are still a few great people left in the world. I did an inspection for a guy the other day who lives near me and on the water. He is an Ex-Ranger and current Boat Captain. When i walked into his Den / Office / Workshop I instantly knew we both have similar interests. He makes Bows, Knifes, and Sheaths. After showing me all his cool stuff I asked if he could make me a sheath for my Cold Steel Bowie. Mine has fell apart and about yearly I called and emailed them to try to get a replacement and they never helped one bit. Their blades are great but their customer service sucks. We disused what I wanted then he called the next day and asked me to bring my knife. He did not have the size material I needed so he asked me what color I wanted. I told him what I thought would match my bug out bag and asked what it would cost. He said not much. A few days later he called and said he just got back from a Boat trip and my material arrived and to bring the knife back and he would do most the work and leave the final finishing to me. He called yesterday and said come over today it was done. He even did the final touches. I tried to give him Money but he would not take it so I insisted someday he would let me take him to lunch or cook dinner for him and his wife. I was smiling all the way to Publix because of the nice deed he did for me and the fact that I have a new friend :slight_smile: a real one too not just a Facebook one :slight_smile:



Cool, and yes there are nice people out there, just gotta look for em’.

I was glad he was the last inspection of the day because I was in no hurry to leave that one. He told me about an awesome Archery Club near me that they give you the key when you are a member it is on around 40 acres and you can go whenever you want