Still good folks in the world!

Yesterday, I stopped at a Home Improvement store between my morning and afternoon inspections. I had to pick up a couple things for a project at my house.

About 15 minutes later, as I’m getting on the freeway from Palmdale to Lancaster… I notice that I don’t feel that familiar “bump” in my pocket. If you’re familiar with this feeling, the other feeling of your stomach sinking is quick to follow. Ugh.

I pulled over, anticipating to turn around and go back to the retailer to scour the parking lot and such for the now missing wallet.

I called the retailer, they informed what I assumed, no one had turned in a wallet and was to transfer me to security/lost and found.

Suddenly, I had a second call come in, I switched over and after I greeted the caller he said “I’ve got some good news for you!” He had the wallet and found my inspection business card inside.

I proceeded to go meet him, pick up the wallet with MONEY INTACT (I had nearly $500 in cash) and the kind guy refused a reward at all :shock:

I said “Let me buy you lunch then… you and your son and whomever else wants to go. I can’t join you, so here’s some money”, which he begrudgingly accepted.

I does make you think that not everyone is a scumbag like it sometimes feels.

People used to be amazed back when I did a lot of boating and hunting that I would never take a reward when helping folks out. Towing them in, giving them rides etc… Even gave some folks gas.

I did get screwed over once. The prick on the jet ski I gave my gas can to to go fill up his ski never brought it back. What a prick. I did not even charge him for the gas in it.

I like to hear that people like that do exist in the world.

Tim, that is an awful feeling, reaching for your wallet and having it not be there.

Good to hear Tim.

Glad to hear that Tim.
The good still outweighs the bad. I hope. :slight_smile:

The feeling of the empty pocket when looking for your wallet is unforgettable and thankfully, seldom.

Given the opportunity, most folks seem to do the right thing, we just seem to remember a bit more distinctly when they don’t.