A few oddities...

…From one I completed last week. I think the combustion gases are going to have a hard time making it to the chimney. Is it just my eyes or are the support columns 8" out of plumb?69 Weyand 100.JPG

It needs to be redone.
Basic answer is no downhill.

Oh my :shock:

That is scary-
Did you do a Carbon monoxide reading near that? i’m curious.

Was any other column visible and was it same?

Actually, the property was vacant. I turned up the temp. dial on the water heater just long enough to ascertain proper flame pattern (and it wasn’t). Unit was shut down. In all there were 5 posts and each one was in the same way. On one side of the house the joists were out approx. 4" and there was barely any bearing on the sill plate. Probably the worst structural issue I have seen to date.