A full case of Happy Homeowner Manuals. Great marketing tool! First one to reply.

First one to reply with their name, city and state/province wins a full case of http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm

Write “Do not throw out” on the front of them, staple your business card to the front of them, and hand deliver them to all the real estate offices in your local market.

They are the marketing gift that keeps on marketing you.

$998.00 retail vaule.






Jeff Vogan
Bevier Missouri 63532

would’nt even let me in

you said you’d let someone else win. ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll pass to Don

lol didn’t press enough letters

Thanks Greg

Don wins with assist from Greg.

You guys are FAST!

Greg, what is your secret!!!

Sitting next to nick when he starts a thread. I flew out to Colorado just for the prizes.

Thanks again

Nick and Greg

Glad you won Don

LOL! I KNEW it was rigged!!!

A new prize every time I step out. I guess it’s not my day.:frowning: