I just bought $100,000.00 worth marketing pieces for you guys who need more work.


InterNACHI members only. Dual members welcome.

Thanks Nick!!!

What is the shipping Cost? Is there a way to calculate that?


I’ll take 200.

You’ve Got Mail.

I just placed my order

Thanks Nick

Nick, that is insane, that’s less than the price of the coffee I’d buy on the way to an inspection. :shock::shock:

And has a far higher percieved value :shock:

Clients will love it :smiley:

Brilliant idea!!



The shipping cost will be the actual cost to your house, and no other hidden charges. Within the USA, it typically ranges between $10.00 to $20.00 per case. By the way, this all began with Nick, who wanted a manual for NACHI. I began by giving them away to my clients as housewarming gifts, which gets me lots of oohs and aahs. Then I began giving them to real estate agents, which got me even more oohs and aahs. Then, I started to actually reference it in my reports. If I find a bathroom exhaust fan that vents into the attic, for instance, my report directs them to P. 64.

Thanks Keith,

I remember when you brought the draft to Nick at the ITA conference at the Aladdin. I will definitely order some. Thanks

Agents are notorious for cleaning up the lobby and throwing home inspector’s brochures into the trash. Make sure you scribble “Do not throw out!” with a magic marker on any books you deliever to real estate offices. Everyone will think the broker or owner wrote it and the book will keep producing for you forever (all for just $2.25).

Hi Greg, This is the second edition of that book. You’ll love them.

Order a case as well…I inputted 1 into quantity assuming the free one is added, correct?

Just ordered a case too. Looking forward to providing my clients with these.


  1. Visit our secure site at https://www.nachi.org/forms/happyhome.php
  2. Under Quantity click on the “Please Make a Selection” drop down menu.
  3. Click on “Case of 40 books @ $4.50 each ($180 per case)”
  4. **Under Comments and Special Requests type “Send me a second case for free”
  5. Your credit card will not be charged until BOTH cases are shipped.

Thanks Bobby

I ordered my case as well. Great books. Makes clients and realtors alike do the peepee dance.

Already got a tracking number…now that’s fast!

Hi Ricky, thanks for the order. Your case along with a FREE case is on the way.

Hi Vince, thanks for the order. The cases are on the way

We’ve had many requests to order through paypal. For those of you who want to order through paypal, go to http://keithswift.com/manual.html

Click on “case orders,” but leave the “1” in the quantity box otherwise paypal will charge you for two. We will send out two cases, and one will be free.

Thanks Tom, your cases are on the way.