Coming soon. A give away for all our REALTOR Expos our members do.

A NACHI-Branded USB key that we would give out to real estate agents. Each time they put the key in their computer, it would pop up with “Would you like to search for a home inspector?” option which leads them to NACHI members. Or they can just click “No” and put their files on it.

Nick, This is a interesting concept. I was looking at them to hand out with my business branding on them. I am not really to sure how the search message would go over though. People are very funny about virus problems. I guess that if they did not want to see the message, they could always format it unless you had the message as read only. By the way, what is the size of this usb thumb drive? I have 1GB units that I am looking at. Keep up the great marketing Nick.

I’ll make a donation to the kitty!
Put me in for anywhere from 100 to 1500.
Great idea, Nick!

PS- sorry I’ve been so quiet-
been on the road stirring up NACHI interest through the MS-GA belt - details to follow!


An excellent idea!!

I would also like to know where you got these…sort of like the CD business card craze 4-7 years ago…now you can put your message on an auto run file on a USB key…this could be nice.

Very nice…

Now your thinking Tony. We just have to remember when we put our message on it and mark it as read only so they do not erase it after the first viewing.

Are they expensive?

that’s a pretty cool idea!

heres a start for those interested in their own version… received an email ad from these guys today…

no affiliation so don’t accuse me of being a vendor… LOL


The last time I bought one of these “memory sticks” 1KB it cost me $80 Now about $20. CAD

Did you get the “Water Heater Blast” I sent you. If not let me know. I found the link to it.
We met a the “big”:stuck_out_tongue: Columbus, MS. meeting on Nov. 2.

Nice, excellent idea.

watch it Tony… very nice (smile,smile)

Interesting item - these are listed as 128MB and cost is between $15-25 each…sounds a little pricey for a giveaway. Still -they are far more likely to be used than many other giveaways…

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of information. True to form, Nick posted my picture/e-mail before I’d really done much research. At this point I’m getting quotes from a few different suppliers, but we’re looking at the $10/each range for them. My hopes are to build the software such that you guys can customize the keys to show your logo/contact info as well as NACHI info. I’ll post more when I have a better idea of what’s possible.

Can’t wait to hear, sounds like a great idea!!!