A Funny Realtor - For Peter Russel

I had an amazing online conversation with a NH Realtor playing an online game today (I have to do something while I am waiting for the phone to ring) She said she was at a home inspection, and babysitting the inspector as he was inspecting the house. I asked her what state she lived in, and she told me NH. I told her, wow, the other night I was looking at bills in NH that may make it a requirement for HI to be licensed. She said GOOD! They need to be. I said, but dont you think that these bills are based on one association’s view? She paused a minute, and said “YEA, THOSE CONDO ASSOCIATIONS CAN BE PRETTY TOUGH!”
I had to laugh…

Guess you had to be there…:smiley:

LOL…good one.

Good one Gloria, Thanks!!!