New Hampshire Real Estate Agents Are Upset!

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I received this e-mail from our Chapter Sec. John Hastings.

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Signed, Frank Carrio
President, New Hampshire Chapter
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Alan Croteau
Greater Claremont Board of REALTORS®

What Changes May Be Coming Up For Home Inspectors?

During this next week, Home Inspectors providing their services in the State of New Hampshire, are scheduled to be discussing with Legislators, (House Bill) HB642. This Bill, which resides in the House, proposes New Hampshire State Licensing of Home Inspectors. Currently, both Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Appraisers are required to be licensed in all states. Licensing of Home Inspectors, at this time, is only required by a percentage of the states; however, it is inevitably going to be required by all states.

The reason that Home Inspectors are looking to give input into the proposed Bill is that if it were to pass as currently written, it would create many issues and undo consequences, which would greatly affect our entire current real estate process.

As of December 31, 2005, New York passed a law that was similar to the one that is now in front of the New Hampshire House. New York previously had as many as 5000 inspectors, and now only has 331 that currently have obtained their license. Due to the lack of licensed inspectors, the real estate process in their state has come to a standstill. Buyers are having a difficult time finding an inspector quickly and reasonably. Also, in the months immediately following our bill becoming law, most inspections will be performed by inspectors from Massachusetts and New York, since our state will not have enough inspectors to adequately provide the service.

The fee in New Hampshire for a home inspection, for an average size home with a one car garage, is currently in the range of $260.00 to $350.00+ (depending upon the inspector). However, we may see fees increase to an amount between $550.00 to $700.00, if the current bill is passed into law. This is the amount that New York BUYERS now pay for their home inspections. This change now creates the largest problem, as I see it. Most BUYERS make their offer to purchase a home contingent upon an independent inspection of the property. If BUYERS are required to pay around $600.00+ for a home inspection, they may not opt to have one performed in their behalf. In many cases, in the future, the added protection that a home inspection allows all parties involved with a real estate transaction will be foregone due to the financial cost to have one performed.

As a past home inspector for over 7 years and now as a REALTOR®, I feel that the home inspection profession would only be improved if they were required to be licensed and follow similar continuing education requirements as both Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Appraisers now follow. However, the proposed bill (HB642) should be reviewed and amended to make the transition more seamless and less of a financial burden to the public.

If you have any questions about how this issue might affect you in the future, then call one of the local REALTOR® offices (as listed below) for their professional opinion.

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I sent Alan the information on New Yorks licensing dilemma and the House Bill 642. This will be appearing in the Claremont Eagle Times sometime next week.


His information about NY Real Estate Market is just wrong… At least for my middle third of the state… prices are still in the $300.00 range, and my clients are not waiting for more then 3 days for an appointment… as of Friday the 3rd of February there were 541 licensed Home Inspectors in NY State. I seriously doubt if there were even 700 home inspectors in NY prior to Dec. 31, much less 5000.

From what I have heard around the state, very few Home Inspectors were put out of work by the new law… certainly having to do 100 inspections in the last two years was not too big a hurdle to jump.