A good article you should post on your website and send to local real estate agents.


Very nice, Nick!
That just became our new First Page(s) of the binder we present to all new agents in the CDA area!

Russ & Jeanne


I’d love to see this letter go out on iNACHI’s mass email submittal.


You haven’t used that Realtor email system in months.

Why wasn’t a hold harmless clause mentioned in the article?

NACHI’s mass email system is awsome! Very prowerful tool. I think the agent’s are more impressed when it comes directly from NACHI.

I didn’t put in the http://www.nachi.org/harmless.htm because the gist of the article is to remind agents that WE are their first line of defense and so they should be doing what they can to protect us. If we get sued, they most certainly get sued too.