A Huge Thank you

I do a number of inspections that can not be done inside HG such as 4 Points and Wind Mits. Some of the reports are done in PDF forms, some can be done in HG but I do not like the may HG does the report or print out. It has been very aggravating that you do not have “inspection types” that are worded the way I want them. Each time I have to upload the report and then rename the report once it is in HG services. It has taken a lot of time and I grumble to myself each time I have to do it. I kept thinking I needed to make a request that you find a way to allow a custom file type description but I never got around to doing it.

Imagine my surprise today when I had to upload several of these reports and discovered that I could rename it in the upload dialog. Thank you very much. This worked great and saved me a lot of time.