First Home Inspection With HomeGauge

So, I uploaded my first inspection report with HG. I have to say it went with a breeze. :smiley:

HG Companion was easy to use out in the field. Was able to report what I saw and add my comments right out in the field just as I was sitting at the computer. Add all my pictures at the time of the inspection. When I got back to the office, sent to report to the cloud and pull the report from cloud and loaded it to my computer. All was filled out tweaked my comments and add arrows and captions to my pictures, and the rest of my night is free. Usually I was on my report till the late night.

Thanks Russell, this is the best reporting software out here. Can’t wait till the wind mitigation form comes to the companion app.

I encourage anyone to try HG trial, This will literary make your office and inspection task easier. From creating invoices to using the business scheduler and completing an inspection on the companion app.

Thanks HG:mrgreen:

Good deal Shawn. Woot!

Thanks Frank, It feels good not having to stay up late to complete reports:D

HG is an originator of home inspection software designed by a home inspector.
All the rest are wannabe copycats.
Sad but true.

Now you’ll be able to catch the new season of The Housewives.:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL!!, I’m catching up on the latest episode of Chicago Fire, then watching Chicago PD tonight!

Is there a training video on how to use it

Videos are here.

Quite a few… and they are very good.

Thanks. Did not know about these… only ones on HG website.

Thanks for sharing, I subscribe to them on YouTube:D

Not to get in a pissing match of who’s reporting software is “best”. (As we all know there are several threads about that.) I would like to ask what reporting software were you using before? I’ve been very curious about HG from the beginning. PM me if you would like.

Thanks -Tim


I use using ReportHost pay as you go. We just started 6 months ago and I’m in the process of building up my home inspection business. ReportHost produce a clean looking report, easy to use. The only down fall was the reports took longer to finish. Most of them took a couple of hours:( So HG is alot better. This literary runs my office. From invoicing to delivering the inspection report. HG is a real breeze:D

Thank you for the update.

Yeah, that’s a down fall alright. That’s way too much time.

Thank you Shawn for the compliments! I am happy you like HomeGauge! More features and improvements to come.

I just want to clarify that one of ReportHost’s founders, Jim, is a longterm home inspector - and still is. Time to finish a report is always a big question. When you’re learning something new it always take more time. We know from experience that once an inspector knows ReportHost, top-notch reports can be finalized in 20-30 minutes. For ReportHost users, see the “Jim and Scott’s tips” article Faster Inspections and Report Writing when you’re logged in to ReportHost.

So you used Report Host for 6 months and it still took you 2 hours to complete a report? Boy that sucks!!!

I’m glad you finally found a good timesaving software that cut your report writing time right out of the box.
HG doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a great report.
They are one of the original home inspection software developers to serve our industry.
The rest are just wannabe copycats.