Thanks Home Gauge

HG 4.0 coming soon!!!

I can’t wait :slight_smile:


Russel and Team HomeGauge rocks, can’t wait for the release.



I’m sticking with 3 until I get it right…:lol:

I been using 2.0 until yesterday…:lol:

Hope Sean goes on vacation for a couple years, I’m to old for anymore fancy stuff…:lol:…and I wish he would leave the uploading software alone to…for at least a couple more years or so…:lol:



You’re so old your dragon tail is dragging.

The new upload stuff is great. Even more features and functionality.

I love it.

And remember, most of the upgrades came as suggestions from inspectors in the field who are actually using the software. They listen.

Ya know ya love it!

HomeGauge Beta users to get the Beta next week. Everyone by Christmas!

This is the best version ever guys and it is solid.

Dale wont even have to get out of his truck with this one. Just point the software out the window and it does the rest.

:shock: …wait, Sean tells me that feature is still a work in progress.

So you will have to get out of the truck, but other than that, 4.0 will rock.


Ho, Ho, Ho:D :smiley: :smiley:

The beta version just went out today to 50 HomeGauge users signed up as beta testers. They have 10 days to give us feedback before it is released. This link is a nerd list that is not spelled out but can give some of you some ideas of the improvements. Over 100 changes were not listed in the link.

One example of a small change that means alot is the ability to filter the auto-comment list easily. For instance, If you have an inspection item plumbing with many many comments in the auto-comment library (i.e. water supply comments, drain and waste comments and fixtures comments), you can select the drop down to show only those comments in that category. This will reduce time sifting through comments. Small change but big benefit.



Thanks “Team” HomeGauge!!!

Unlike my friend Dale I’m looking forward to it!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Dale will be happy I am sure. With the many new features etc coming in this release, it still will work exactly like the version 3.

Another feature: Report Fill
Start off with a completed report. Or lets say you are inspecting in a subdivision where the exterior of the homes are all the same. You can save just the exterior as a “Report Fill” and name it Windy Hill Development. The next time you pull into this development and open a new report, select the report fill and choose the one called Windy Hill and the exterior will be filled in with one click.

That will be the best feature I’ve heard of yet.

Some small changes that mean alot is that in the new version 4 you will receive as a bonus nearly 100 line drawings. Some of these are duplicates that do not include any text. This will allow you to create clones with your own text and arrows on them using our drawing tools in the picture editing window. HG 4 also has two picture panes (filmstrip of thumbnails). 100’s of pictures load in the thumbnail in seconds, but also the other pane keeps the line drawings ready for quick insertion.


I was only kidding…!!!..:lol:

So was I Dale!!:smiley:

Originally Posted by dduffy

I was only kidding…!!!..:lol:*

Two of the greates guys on this BB shinning each other on .
Just does not get any better then this .
Thanks Guys …Cookie

I cannot wait to meet my great friends from Canada soon, believe me…!!!

Hopefully in Vegas?..!!!


I’m itching to go to Vegas. If Nick does not announce the convention date soon I’m gone in Feb. for four days!!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and our other NACHI brothers and sisters!!

Roy you and Char are in Felicia’s and my heart forever!!!

I will be in Vegas on Feb 1-3 for meetings with some Brokers from Marcus & Millichap commercial real estate.

Maybe I will see you then?


My brother-in-law and sister will be in Vegas Feb.1. They asked me if I can join them. If I make it at that time I will call you!! Otherwise I will see you at our convention!