Florida HG Users

Quick question, this question goes towards more Florida HG users. I wanted to keep this in HG to get a better answer.

My question is when it comes to a 4-Point inspection. HomeGauge has a 4-Point inspection template. I was going to use this for my 4-point inspections except for Tower Hill or Universal which has there own standard form. Has any insurance company kickback a HG form. I wouldn’t think so as it covers the 4 point inspection. I’m planning on dropping my 4-point form and start using HG.

Just wanted to ask.

HG Rocks:D

You could take a look at tower hill and universal forms to see if they have anything additional that your standard HG form does not have and then just add those items to your new universal 4 pt. HG form.

That’s what I was thinking. I played around with template today and starting adding the questions and style and materials. I just know some insurance companies here can be sticklers:D