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Here’s the main panel for a home I did yesterday. There was a lot of handyman wiring throughout the house, and I just wanted to get some opinions on the panel. Please? It’s a 150A service, and there’s a handyman-done 2nd panel feeding a detached shed…
Thanks for your help…


Also, the cover was off the panel, but the whole thing was covered by a plywood panel, painted to match the wall. Is this an acceptable replacement for the original panel cover?

Absolutely not.

There are a ton of problems with these panels. Rather than having us “pick them apart,” defer the whole mess for corrections. . .

Yeah, this is a perfect example of what things “not” to do in a panel. A cornucopia of discrepancies.

I agree, usually if I find three minor electrical errors, or one big one, then I defer to an electrician. If it’s for minor stuff (missing GFCI, etc), then I explain to them that if I found three errors, how many do you think a qualified electrician will find? I know it will be more then three!

BTW, what is going on with the main on this panel? Looks like they have both the supply lines and something else under those taps… Did they bypass the main for something? Those I write up as a safety hazard as well.

They double-lugged the panel…the feeders at the top are apparently supplying power to the sub-panel without the benefit of overcurrent protection. Bad. Bad. Bad.

The subpanel is right next to the main, and they’ve tapped that into the mains… This feeds the “shed out back…”

Not to mention the open boxes…



Let me step in here i did see more than few electrical code voilations allready

1] double tapping at main breaker that is a very serious no-no.

2] The GE breakers they are not listed for double lugged aka double wired.

3] the subfeed box used as second main breaker box IMO this is not a very safe pratice because if someone working on the subfeed box left of the main breaker box and someone turn off the main breaker and the subfeed box still alive that is very serious issue there

4] wooden panel cover that is a big no no also

5] doubled lugged at the netural bussbar

IMO the doorbell transformer should be outside of breaker box becuase the secondary side.

this breaker box should be replaced with proper breaker box with plenty breaker space in there

Merci, Marc

Let me add one more item i almost forgot but have to reedit this real quick

uncoverd repectales is a no no and the way the box mounted it sound like someone did not take the time to do this correctly

You have enough info here to simply defer it…that sub panel is set up imporperly…it is a “remoe distribution panel” and is simply wrong.

I wont go into all the little details because we have done this many times…now never ask if a combustible product will never take the place of a metal cover…lol…thats a given and should never be in question.

Defer the electrical system to a LICENSED electrical contractor and let them deal with this mess.

Thanks for listing out the defects. I saw a few things wrong but other things I wasn’t aware of. I consider this topic to be one that I need the most assistance with. It helps to be able to explain the buyer in some degree of detail just why an elec. is being called in. If I just say it’s a panel with alot of issues there first question is what are the issues? I had to get into a big explanation with a buyer over the weekend as to the proble with his FPE in the master closet (69 build). Fortunately the FPE wasn’t wired like this one and did not appear to have had previous defects.

Thanks for the responses - I opened the box and I think the words were, “Oh Sh…!” Marc - thanks for the list - pretty much what i have in my report…
I just talked to my client yesterday and he’s going to the seller with these pictures, to start the negotiations…
Guess this is where a pre-list inspection could have saved some surprises…

It’s getting better - the buyer just called me. he apparently told the seller that if he wants to sell, he needs to replace the roof (another mess) and have an electrician look at the panel.
The seller - he’s selling for the Estate of his deceased mom - said he does electrical work, and he’ll take a look at it.
I told my client not to accept that. He’s ready to drop the deal because of it. He has an ill wife and a mother-in-law on constant oxygen living with him.
He doesn’t need these headaches…
Looking at the possibilities he could have stepped into - I’d be kind of glad to kill this deal -:wink: