A little more luck

For the good of the org I deleted all my posts on the matter you can choose to or not to. We will see who gives a crap about the org by their actions.

I was told that this post was damaging Nachi Nickles. I asked to have the thread removed and Tim Eaton IT Manager said it was policy to not delete others posts.

I have deleted all my posts for the good of Nachi Nickles I was told It was harming the org. IF you really give a crap I ask that you all delete your messages as well.
If you do not give a crap about Nachi Nickles and are full of crap and just want to bust my balls then leave your posts there and show your true colors.
I have done all I can to fix or at least stop the damage to Nachi Nickles and hope the rest of you step up as well. I doubt that will happen.

The Bushmaster 5.56 is available on cheaperthandirt.com right now

What I love about this post is a member out of the kindness of his heart gave you $1000 because you “needed the money”! You are a using POS, nothing more than a welfare seeking mother -------who played on the kindness of members.

Do you realize a member took $1000 out of their pocket because you fell on hard times? You sought money and received it from NACHI nickles. You gave $20 and got a TON more than that.

Wow…no wonder people don’t get involved, because when they do users like you ruin it for everyone.

No member gave me nothing. you are a damn liar I refused all offers I was given money from Nachi Nickles because I contributed.

You got a serious problem with the truth so suck me. I got the money for this rifle from a family member and do not give a crap what a piece of s h i t like you says.

Run your mouth to my face in private next time you see me you punk.

Whatever dumb ***…did you get money from nachi nickels?

Ask and see if someone donated $1000 to you because you “needed” they money. Freakin liar and user. You have proven what many have thought, your a POS.

I’ve seen them there around 1200 something I think.

I have not heard many good things about them but have no personal knowledge.

It took me a couple of months almost to get the bushmaster and the only reason I got lucky on the Ruger is because the guy got a shop and just opened. Lucky , lucky I guess and the time to try. Sitting on the couch gives me lots of time to make calls.

Call to beg for money because you “need” it. Welfare sucking parasite.

Yes i got money from Nachi Nickles because I contributed. i thought that was the intent of the program. You run your mouth all the time without knowing s h i t.

What did I tell you when you offered to help???

Every time we argue you f-cking lie and I have pointed it out in the past as well.

Everyone Mike asked NACHI nickles for money he gave $20 and got well over $1000, I don’t know the exact amount and he feels he is entitled to it because he gave $20.

He needed he money because of his bills piling up due to his broken foot. H goes and buys guns…

Make your own decision.

You told me no thanks. But the money is to HELP with your bills not to buy guns. I guess people don’t understand “charity”. They view it as entitlements. You a welfare sucking parasite.

Ask and see if a person donate $1000 because they felt sorry for you. They did it without being known because they felt compelled to “help” you.

Again you are a scumbag liar ask john if he saw the recite from my donation you piece of s h i t. I was given the money to protect my family from my family.

You know all about Family taking care of you from what I hear.

What part of I got the money from a family member to protect my family do you not get.

Mike, You should know… the money donated to you came from Nachi Nickels. HOWEVER, some was specifically ear marked for you… because you would not take donations from individuals.

Nachi Nickels was an organization designed to help our fellow inspector family members who might not be able to pay their mortgage or feed their family because they cannot work.

If you would had family that could help you buy an AR… perhaps your need wasn’t as great as we thought it was.

Regardless, we donated to help you… and now… if another member can’t pay their mortgage because of an injury we will have less to help them with…

Clearly… we need to evaluate how we gauge who is in need and who isn’t…

I guess I am old school, you don’t sk for money and go buy guns two weeks later. If you need ask for help it is because you NEED. The moment you got from us went towards bills and the other money went to guns. Really, that’s your story? Really?

I guess welfare seekers think differently.

You gave money to another inspector so he could donate in your name and you received information in return from him. He donated about $20 in your name. You did not donate to Nachi Nickles directly.

I stated that today that there is a need to be specific in what you get for what you give.

The family member that paid for the gun is also the place our family has a plan to meet at during a time of crisis. I happen to be the best member of the family left that can handle that type of firearm.

My friends and family have a plan for times of crises and disaster we pool our weapons rounds and supply and will be together. I see no reason to explain myself to a piesc of s h i t like r ussel. But I do see a need to make specific rules with nachi nickles as i said I am a sole bread winner and have next to no income coming in. I hustle here and there but cannot do much because i cannot walk or work.

i even volunteer to help anyway I can with nachi nickles but believe me it is the impression that it is a type of insurance and you damn sure do not have to explain this type of crap to an insurance company.

Another lie ask Michelle I called and asked if I qualify for bennifits because I contributed.

You could not tell the truth if you tried.

Given: all that you run your mouth about home inspectors and your wanting out of the home inspection business and how much you complained about not getting anything/more for Nachi Nickels it was a mistake to give you any money.

It is one thing to buy the gun, another to rub it donor’s faces.

No you are not old school just a liar I did not ask or beg for anything. I asked if I qualified for benifits in what I thought was an insurance prograam
You are a idiot period and a liar.