Need AR Mags

Hello to all.

I normally would not do this but as you all know I have no income and need to make some money. If you cannot find Mags as most cannot I have a guy.

10 20 30 and 40 round capacities are available 5 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Very high quality steel. These are not inexpensive as I am doing this for profit.

I know a great many of you will be pissed and hate on me for this I am doing this to make some money while I have the opportunity as I am not working and will not be for a few months.

I will guarantee you will be satisfied or send them back to me in the same condition and i will refund your money. You can paypal me or pay with check
I would advise Paypal as I have no idea how long they will be available. They will be purchased as soon as the check clears or the money is deposited into paypal. No guarantee it will definitely happen but if you do not get them i will refund your money. feel free to call me to discuss.

I hate to have to do this but I must take any opportunity I can at this time to make money. If you are not worried and wish to wait for me to get mine to review no problem but I doubt that will last. i hope I get the 12 I have ordered. The 30 round mags will be sold for $40 shipping will be paid by you. They must be legal in your State for me to sell them to you. the 30"s are by far the best deal. Also if I find out this is not legal I will not do it. I will research it but i do not think it is a issue.

Take Care and Be Safe.

No using PayPal for firearms.


I have a 100 round mag, but full, it weighs too much to use. 60 is about the biggest you’d want.


Does that go for components. Do you know how I could find out for sure? I only wish to sell the mags?

Nick is that the double drum model?

If that is the case with PayPal I will order and work it out with members and if they screw me I’ll rip them here.

Nick do you have mags for your new toys? Call me if not :slight_smile: We’ll talk.

To anyone interested just call me to discuss and i am sure we can work out a legit way to do it. I will check your State and will not sell if they are illegal there.


I want extended Kimber 45 mags if anyone can get them.

The invoice and payment should reference periodicals rather than magazines.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will not even be positive it is going to happen till i get mine but I will try.

what cal are available? I need .223 Rem

I “BELIEVE” the mags are the same for 5.56 and 223. a 223 AR will not shoot 5.56 at 5.56 will shoot a 223.

I will check with him to see if it says anything against what i believe.

Mags hold and shoot same and fit both guns. Plastic 30 round ones he can now get as well $50 for 30 rnds.

I have the steel ordered for me

im curious how many rounds you could fire before being subject to jams- how many have you fired without a cleaning and no problems?

Don’t know yet.

I am extremely new to AR’s mine is the first I’ve ever even held. I have not shot it. I wanted the piston style but that does not seem like it will happen. I shot a captured Nam AK once :slight_smile:

The Ruger srs has it and it runs cooler and keep the majority of the crap out of the action which is wear the crap causes problems.

The key is maintenance and keep it in top shape. I am fairly sure I could hold back a mob coming down my street. Not likely to have folks yelling charge and running into a barrage of bullets. I do no want to be reloading mags at that time or having someone else doing it. I would prefer all hands be shooting.