TODAY I know where 5.56 ammo is

Call me if you want to go 954-922-0584. 10 box limit per trip 20 rounds per box. South East Florida. I need a ride if you are going and I live about a mile away. I cannot drive due to broken heel. They may even be sold out by the end of the day. it is12:40 pm now.They probably have at least 300 boxes left. 954-922-0584

A few 22cal 30 round clips as well. 3 or 4 my buddy just got the last 25 round 10-22 clip.

4:59 pm Update


For crying out loud please learn the proper names, nomenclature for clips and magazines people. Here…watch this. I expect the idiots in Congress not to know the difference but I expect better of Home Inspectors whose job is to pay attention to details.

Who gives a red neck’s arse! He didn’t know what a TPR was either, so give him a break.


Yeah I don’t care to much either but I will check your link just to learn. Thats the type of guy I am.

I did not buy it so it don’t matter to me. I know my AR uses Mags. Not sure about what my buddy bought.

I just hope I get the 12 Mags I have on order. If I do I feel good and secure now.
It sucks to have a ****load of cartridges and only one mag.

I could likely guess what a clip it bit not sure. If I was to guess I would think it was the ole timey thingies that hold the cartridge by the rear.

Didn’t you just ask(and receive) for money from Nachi Nickels because you were not working and had no money?

Yep> The Ammo was bought for me from a concerned family member that knows the need to protect oneself. They even have mags on order for me and them… Basically I have a personal loan for what the scumbags are trying to outlaw to make sure I have what I need to protect my family.\I actually may even train them once or twice a month on the use of their handgun as a show of appreciation.

I have absolutely no income coming in at all.

Any other personal questions you would like the answer to?

Perhaps how much help was provided or anything else.l I would be glad to share.

Let me tell you for sure most of my time is spent on the couch trying to figure how to make a few bucks from home while I cannot even where shoes let alone work. I am also constantly checking every city and educational institution around for a more secure career for the rest of my life.

If it was not for the fact I paid off my house in the good ole days I would likely be homeless and my child would not be able to attend the school she attends.

I also need a new roof if you want to chip in for that.

Maybe if you did not brag about spending money while not even simple thank you to anyone who gave to help you, I would not be so pissed. A simple thank you to anyone should have been the first on your list of things to do. Obviously, your mother did not teach you any manners. Secondly, attacking me when I wanted to give you more help is unwarranted. If you would prefer me to share the whole story I certainly can. You are the biggest piece of **** I know. You give contractors and inspectors a bad name and do not care about anyone else but yourself. Shall I continue?

S u c k m e.

You missed that one apparently as I gave my thanls to Nachi Niclkles as soon as Aubrey posted it. I wanted to actually do it myself but he beat me to the punch so I immediatly gave my thanks.
I thanked you and your wife as well personally for your help in the matter. Did you forget that. Did you lose your mind between now and then?

But as for now screw you I do not give a f u c k what you say or think.

Share all you wish as I have already.

Please next time we are face to face share you opinion we me personally you loudmouth internet b i t c h.

You are nothing more than a little p u s s y that would never dare run your mouth face to face like you do here.

Might want to check this .

below sure seems pretty thankful TO ME. cARE TO APOLIGIZE FOR BEING wrong?

Amazing and awfully appreciated.

It was awesome that both You and John S. took the time to call me today with the good news.

Anyone that donated through Bruce Gregory please call me at 954 922 0584 anytime after 10:00am

I have received many calls and emails from individual members offering to help me by sending me money or loaning me money. I thus far have graciously refused all offers. Please donate to Nachi Nickles IN MY NAME if you want to help me feel better.

I do not wish to take hand outs from my fellow inspectors but greatly appreciate the help from the Org and Nachi Nickles.

I’ll will however consider any quality control or compiling of insurance inspection jobs if you need some help. I can do that form my home and you can tell you clients you offer quality control review just like the big boys, Only Better

Do yourself a favor and at least check out Nachi Nickles because i donated when I did because I had a few extra bucks and figured it would help get the org going sure am glad I did now

Please Remember what I have stated below it is quite important.

Anyone that donated through Bruce Gregory please call me at 954 922 0584 anytime after 10:00am

If I missed your post then I am sorry for that.

Had you just answered the email, that you actually received the check, I would have never asked here.

You have yet to do anything you said you would on the phone when I called you, as far as I can tell. Nothing.

You never gave a dime to Nachi Nickels




And once again I try to help fellow members out by helping them get something they may need or want and I have to hear s h i t from you. Unbelieveable.

I gave what was supposed to be $100 dollars and the scumbag bruce screwed the org and me and many others apparently.

Care to see the paypal receipts or emails I have?

Mike you obviously do not remember the conversation we had on the phone.

You are the one with the memory problem.

I think if you had any balls you would go after Bruce for fraud. What he did was total b u l l s h i t.

The program got screwed and so did I if you want my opinion.

How did you get screwed?