Well it is starting already

I just got off the phone with a guy that had a reinspection and apparently reinspectors are using the new form already. This poor guy claims to have clips with 2 nails. He is going to put a third in all if it will help.

Anyone know of any guidelines to this? What will be accepted?

He said he will send pictures latter and I will post.

He also has a problem because the inspector from something-teck claims they are rusted.

I have brought this up before and gotten no response.

What is excessive corrosion and who decides. Surface rust looks like hell but does not hurt anything. He claims this is surface rust but he is also getting the shaft for this.

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.

Oh by the way I had a 1996 house today where I found no shinner. What do you guys do when you cannot find a shinner?

Do not bother to tell me you always find one because I do not wish to call anyone here a liar :smiley:

Well he just sent picts here is what he said and sent.

***This clip was noted to have severe corrosion in my wind mitigation report, clearly from picture 1 to 1a after hitting lightly with fine grade sand paper you can see the difference. I will be adding a 3rd nail in this clip to bring up to new specs. My insurance company is eating me alive here. PLEASE HELP. Thanks ***

Call me a liar all you want. I have never not found a shiner. NEVER.

Also, reinspection as far as I know always needed 3 nails for a clip. Even courses taught a couple of years ago stated that if the attachment had less than 3 nails you should select “other”. Most never followed the teaching as the form didnt specifically state and/or most guys never even took training to complete these inspections. 2 weeks til the new form…

I see them everyday like that and that is not considered sever corrosion.

Who makes that call and what training is used to teach one to identify severe?

I agree with you but this is going to happen constantly what is the client to do?

By the way he is not my client and one of my inspections getting reinspected.

Any input on him installing the 3rd nail himself and will that be accepted?

How should he go about fighting a something tek reinspection?

i would say surface rust for shore .

The company you are referring to is Skyetec. They are a former WCE and based in Jacksonville.

The homeowner should be able to show the different pictures and explain that it is surface rust. Sever corrosion is when the fastener has lost a significant percentage of their load capacity due to the corrosion. There is no indication of that.

Or have a inspector that would call the underwriter and work out a solution.

His newest email below. I am going to send him a link to here to follow along and try to get advice from you all.
Never. If you say so.

Just to follow up with you with pictures, here is my plan of adding the extra nail. Am I heading in right direction or jumping the gun ? With out leaving my house exposed how can I prove the nails were added? Will a inspection company accept my photos ?

Do a new inspection for him.

It seems that is likely what he will decide.

What do you all think about what he is doing. I believe it is fine but I have no idea what the insurance companies will say.

What or is there a rule or law about how these things are handled. What is his rights after a reinspector screws him.

I mean if I go do an inspection is it just going to get reinspected by the same thieves over and over again and again. How or when does it end.

I do not even know the guy but I would hate to have him spend more money and get the same screwing by the insurance agencies.

Would any of you not now call what he has a clip by the new form?

It would be a clip on the current and new form as long as all the rafter attachments of the home were done. Your client would be better off requesting a “Remediation inspection” from the carrier to override the re-inspection.

A remediation inspection is a good idea. It’s that simple mike two nails. Equals other 3 nails equals clip


Hey, those pictures look familiar! :wink:

And, by the way, what so many of you are calling shiners are in fact, a code violation.

The last two pictures are what had to be done to correct the issue.

Thought they were appropriate given the topic. Thank you for all of your help. :cool:

So what are the companies going to do when no code violation is found?

They are not going to give credits at which point, a sharp attorney files a law suit.

The only way to know what type of nails were used is to have been there when they were installed or to remove them to see what they are.

I have a couple of friends who are insurance agents and I showed them these pictures. They both said if something happens to that roof, none of the damage will be covered as it was not installed correctly. Everyone better hope we do not have any strong hurricanes!