A NACHI Member needs us

This is a post that originally aired on the members-only side. Since some peole claim not to visit that, I am re-posting it here:

Fellow NACHI members,

A fellow member of our organization is in great need. Here’s the facts I have gathered to this point:

Wendy Forsythe, from Washington, has had a string a very unfortunate incidents. Recently, the home in which her and her family were living in, was found to have a major issue with carbon monoxide. She resides with her husband and two children, who were all unknowingly victims in this horrific tragedy. The level of poisioning, or overall intake, has not yet been determined. However, Wendy and her family are living in a shelter at this time.

As I understand, dealing with this level of concern is not new to Wendy, as a prior automobile accident has left her husband paralized. Thus, Wendy is the sole family bread-winner.

This story is not meant to be like the guy standing beside the road with a sign “will work for food”, or “homeless vet, please help”. We don’t know their story, or the truth about what brought those individuals to be standing there. We now know Wendy’s story, and the facts about her situation.

I have been in contact with her, and she refuses to reduce herself to asking for help, proving that pride is stronger than what some realize. It is situations like this that make me realize that some people ‘ask’ for help, but it takes a lot of listening to interpret their cries.

I am donating one inspection this week to Wendy and her family. This is the beginning, until I can review my financial situation to see how much I can help. In turn, I am challengeing everyone who reads this to do the same, or up the ante. My thought is this: we all live in different market areas, and charge differently for our services. But, an inspection is an inspection–it is the same amount of time and energy, or close, for the service we provide. Therefore, the donation I am offering is not the amount of money I am sending, it is the time and energy I am expending for this worthwhile cause.

I am in the process of acquiring an address for Wendy, or for a nearby NACHI member, in order to send my donation. I will post this information shortly. Until then, I challenge each and every one of you to search your sole, and help, if you can. If it’s even to send $1, Wendy will not only be grateful, but will know you care.

At last count known to me, we have 8300 members…think about the difference we could make.

Post your donation pledge below, and challenge our fellow members to help. We can do a great thing for a member in need, as well as making this the longest post on the board–another milestone for Nick to write about…lol.

Dave Delaney
WV Educational Administrator



Most of the responses have been over on the Members’ Only Section.

An email campaign is now underway; some of the folks involved have never signed in to that area, so the email is referencing this General Section for info.

In that light, I am posting Wendy’s contact info here:

Wendy Forsyth
2112 Washington St.
Shelton, Wa. 98584

Kindly forward that email to any individuals, groups or places of worship to which you feel guided.

Aside from 3 school age children, a paralyzed husband, a condemned home, etc, Wendy is in court today, trying to keep the home for which she has a deed.

Blessings -


Count me in. We will do what we can -Ron & Marie Cervero

I understand everyones good intentions but I would really like to see the foundation active with this. Would it not be best to route donations through a bonafide non-profit?

David, thank you for letting us all know about Wendy’s situation. I hope that everyone does whatever they can to help this very worthwhile cause.

To help, Grassfrog Technologies will donate a free home inspection web site to Wendy whenever she wishes to move forward with this for her business, and we have decided to make a cash donation to Wendy’s family for EVERY home inspection website purchased by any NACHI member using the purchase link below.


100% of the $75 setup fee you pay for your home inspection web site will be donated directly to help Wendy and her family if you purchase a web site using the link above. We have also placed this link on our home page so that NACHI members coming into our site directly can find out about Wendy’s situation and also donate their setup fee to this cause.

Here’s a way you can help Wendy and also get your web site presence up and running within 48 hours. To find out more about our services, please visit our web site at www.homeinspectionwebsite.com.




Way, way cool, Roberta - thanks!!

WOW!!! Check this out—Our founder kicking in $500 big ones out of his pocket!!! Our Benefits and Chapter Relations guy doing the same, PLUS more with paying Wendy for picking him up, ETC.

Ron & Marie Cervero Kicking in. And, our Web specialist, Roberta Dulay, pioneering the donations with a FREE website for Wendy’s business, and donating ALL of the setup fees for any member who purchases a site through the link…WOW!!! There’s never been a better time to get on the web!!!

John, although I agree with you, I also disagree. This need is urgent, and immediate. I email the foundation and have not had a reply. Sometimes we need to circumvent the system to make things work. However, I am in the process of getting non-profit involved.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!!!


Please do not take this the wrong way, but this has to be said:

Do not write or call me explaining why we shouldn’t be giving to Wendy!!!

Let me explain further. I have been watching her posts for quite some time, and have followed her story. This past weekend, during our chapter kick-off, a chapter president from a state which borders Wendy’s was down here. We engaged in conversation, and he shared some very disturbing news to me about Wendy. After hearing this, I emailed her for further information, and decided I had to start this thread to try and help.

That being said, I honestly do not know Wendy from Eve. However, here’s my philosphy:

If I try to help, and she is in need, i’ve done the best I can to help her prayers be answered. If I don’t try to help, and she is in need, shame on me. If I help, and she is not in need, shame on her. Who wins???

I wish I did not have to post this here for her to see. However, I feel it is necessary to enlighten some people who need to be investigators instead of inspectors.

Lastly, I am a member of a world wide fraternity, that happens to have gathering places in just about every city in the US. I have been in contact with a nearby fraternity, which is going to see if they can help directly, locally. I am sure I will hear some feedback, good or bad. When I do, I will post it on here. If anyone feels I have slighted them, I will personally reimburse them, no hard feelings!

For everyone who is still giving via Paypal:

Wendy has re-activated her paypal account, and is able to go by the local library to check her email. You can email paypal directly to her at weewolfpack@yahoo.com . I sent her a direct payment earlier, to verify she could recieve while she was still at the library, and it worked.

Thanks, Dave


I made a small token of respect to Wendy in the original paypal account you had established. Didn’t notice you changed paypal email. Please forward to Wendy.

Grail Media, LLC will provide Wendy with one year’s worth of free Email www.homehintsenews.com newsletters to help her grow her business and will make a cash donation through the foundation once an account is established for her there.

John, no doubt about it, that’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!


Before I can do anything with the Foundation. I really need for her to email me with a personal accounting of all that has transpired. I have tried making contact several times with no response. However for our records we have to have something.

My counterpart at ASHI, Scott Patterson, emailed me asking for instructions to help out.

Thanks Scott!

WOW!!! That’s awesome Nick.

Somethings do cross political lines - amazing!!

Hello All,

 I asked for and received confermation as to this young ladies situation as I am a firm believer in getting the facts first.
 I also agree that situations like this should go through the foundation, but as we all know it has not been set up for this (YET) but I am sure in time it will be. Possibly this would be a good item for membership discussion on another thread!
 I, like most of you I'm sure, am not in the position to give the large amounts as others are able to at this time. I have other organization's and commitments that I am obligated too. But I do believe in helping out fellow inspectors as a whole as that is what NACHI is all about, "Helping each other".
 I am retired Air Force and I have held many officer positions of several of my organizations and VFW committees through-out the years and one of the best items of membership (I felt) was knowing that percentage of the funds raised were for the unforeseen situations of our squadrons people in time of need.

 I know of several families that needed that QUICK emergency funding to help out a given situation that other major organizations needed time to get things going.

 I would like to ask fellow inspectors to give just a little as little amounts add up and are gratefully received.
 Even if it's only $5.00 (less than the cost of a lunch) it would help provide a meal for her whole family.

 $5., $10, $20 or $50.00 contributions would truly be appreciated and helpful to her family.

 Someday it might be one of our families in need and I would hope that my organization that has helped me (in my daily business) would be able to help my family in time of need to help them quickly until other agencies or insurances could kick in.

 Just something to think about.


Well, I think it is important to see the facts, and ask questions. There are other factors here as well that need to be considered. Like how is Wendy going to finish her training to be a HI???

How is she going to finish the Realtor Classes and office she is setting up???

That is why questions have to be asked.

We need to enable her to get income as well as help immedietly.

It would also help to go through the foundation for tax reasons. The giving may increase. As well as the information about her story, would also help the giving. SHe or someone could post it here and that would help. We could also give through her local church ( for tax reasons) to help her instead of the paypal account she set up.

All just thoughts. I posted it here so I wouldn’t mess up David’s thread of give or don’t say anything, less you be considered an *******.