InterNACHI Florida Legislative Tour 2011-2012

InterNACHI Florida Legislative Tour - WE NEED YOU!

Planning for our Legislative Tour is well on it’s way. We are looking for current local chapter representatives or perhaps someone who is interested in starting up a new chapter to help “host” our event in each city listed below… If you are interested in hosting Wayne Bertsch and Greg Bell on behalf of The FL Home & Insurance Inspectors chapter of InterNACHI please contact Greg Bell or Michelle Shishilla.

Meet your lobbyist Wayne Bertsch that represents you in Tallahassee.
Question and answer secession with Wayne
Get up to date on legislative issues.
How you can help build the foundation for our profession.

The FLHII is looking to start and support local chapters in the cities visited during the tour


Miami 12-1 - HOST Jerry Suarez
Ft Lauderdale 12-2
West Palm 12-2
Ft Myers 12-15
Tampa 12-16
Orlando 12-16- HOST IFREC
Jacksonville 1-3 - HOST FL ASHI
Tallahassee 1-4

All meetings start at 7 pm. Ft Lauderdale and Tampa start at 1pm.
There will be numerous door prizes given away at each event.
The cost is FREE!!

Updates will be posted in this thread.

What times are you planning to be in Orlando, I might be able to help with a location in a classroom setting if needed.

7:00 in Orlando Help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Can you get in contact with Greg or myself when you have a moment?

Thanks for making the arrangements for us in Orlando Bill.

IFREC is providing the meeting rooms for Orlando.

A big thank you to Chris Glochau. He made a $50 donation to legislative funds and took the Home Inspector Pro $50 discount. We now have another hippie among us.

Thanks Chris!!

Can you please add the link here so others may be able to donate,
including myself! :mrgreen:

You can make a donation through the link below.

You can choose one of the following for a $50 donation.

$50 discount off HIP Home Inspector Pro (That is in addition to the $100 discount already offered to InterNACHI Members)

$100 discount on the new android version from HomeGauge

$50 Discount on a purchase of 3-D Software

I will be adding more offers as they are completed with other vendors.


I’ll take the $50 discount off HIP Home Inspector Pro please.

Michelle will email you the details for your discount.

Thanks Jerry

Greg…what a great idea and our vendors helping out as well is just AWESOME…thank you for your time, effort and most important your caring for the industry!

HI Jerry! We received your donation. I spoke to your wife this evening. I sent the discount code to her for your purchase of Home Inspector Pro. :smiley:

THANK YOU! For supporting our Legislative affairs and our profession!

Welcome aboard Jerry :wink: Good luck Greg & Michelle!

Greg & Michelle, thanks for all the work you’ve done with the legislation.
I’m glad to be able to lend a helping hand.
Dominic, glad to be aboard!
Only wish I’ve purchased your software sooner, all those hours wasted on report writing!

Bump…clear the date from your calendar and open your wallets a bit, your future literally depends on it…

THANK YOU so very much for your $50.00 donation to Legislative Funding and your $50.00 to Nachi Nickels! People like YOU are the new voice of our profession.

Let me know if your going to take one of our awesome Vendors as legislative partners up on their awesome discount offer!

Thanks Aubrey!!

Infraspection has partnered with us for the tour.

They have donated a level 1 certification to be given away with our grand prize drawing. The winner can upgrade it to a level 2 if they attend IR INFO in January where you get a free level 1 certification with attendance to the event.

A special welcome to our newest partner;


They are supplying our grand prize.

Flir E30 series camera

Each inspector that attends one of the events during the tour will receive an entry into the grand prize drawing. The drawing will be held at the last event in Tallahassee.

Thanks Flir for helping us shape the future of our profession.

AWESOME…it should be like 1 ticket for every $5 donated…

THAT IS SO AWESOME. Thank you for all your hard work on this! And of course a BIG shout out to our partners… THANK YOU!!