Legislative Funding

It is clear from all of the posts on the message board lately that Florida Home Inspectors are PASSIONATE about our industry.

We have been very lucky to have Greg Bell representing the interests of The FL Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter. He has given so much of his personal time and money to keep us all well informed about what is happening.

Our chapter has developed a page on our site that members can use to make contributions towards our Legislative endeavors. MONEY TALKS. Now, we need to show our PASSION for this industry and start contributing to the cause.

There are several ways to help and show your DEDICATION to our industry… Please visit:

#1 DONATE a set amount or #2 Subscribe Monthly to fund our Legislative Affairs. 100% of the funds collected through this endeavor will be used to promote home inspectors and our profession in Tallahassee.

***Our goal is for each member to donate $50.00 for this year.

There is also a “Donate” button on the same page of our website where you can make a special personal donation to Greg Bell to assist him with his expenses when he takes time out of his personal schedule to go to meetings in Tallahassee so he can keep us all well informed. Just a very small way we can all say THANK YOU GREG for everything you are doing and we APPRECIATE YOU!!:smiley:


Done… Thanks! :smiley:

Already received. THANK YOU !!

I have been subscribing to NACHI TV since they starting offering a 10.00 a month option of paying.
Since Nick made it free with annual dues I will donate my 10.00 a month here.

Thanks for all the work

Ed. That is so very Awesome!!!:mrgreen:

I am a man of my word…

I’ll do similarly.

However, I tried, but it is forcing me to use paypal because it says my email address is associated with a paypal account.

Can you take my credit card by phone? 720 272 8578.

Thanks Nick…

Nick, I’d be hapy to take that credit card info — J/K

Great job Michelle

Donations are really starting to come in!!!

Michelle just called and got my credit card info.

THANK YOU Nick!!! Your Awesome!!

Our Chapter would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to Russell Hensel for his $1000.00 donation towards Legislative Affairs.

Russ, you are a man of your word. THANK YOU for putting your money where your mouth is!!!

Charlene and I are happy to make our contribution to the important cause!!

Thank you to you BOTH!!!

Dang it Russell!!! :roll:

Michelle, cancel my monthly donation and instead bill my card one time for $1,001.00.

She messed up she meant to put $10,000. Wanna go $10,001? :wink:

LOL you got it!