Can you believe....

Our Chapter has raised $2200.00 this weekend alone… for Legislative Affairs.

Mike Crow - Founder of The Millionaire Inspector Community donated $1000.00 :shock: THANK YOU MIKE!!!

AND if the was great all on its own… Our chapter members stepped up to the plate and want their voices to be heard…!!! We collected $1200.00 just today from members who want to make a difference and have a voice with what happens to the Home Inspection Industry in the State of Florida.

THANK YOU!!! so very much to all of the chapter members who donated this weekend!!!

If you would like to donate and be a part of what happens in the State of Florida for home inspectors… please visit…

The FL Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter - Legislative Funding Page

you can choose to do a one time donation… or if you would like you can “subscribe” and donate $5.00 a month… Every little bit helps… Money Talks in Tallahassee … Be a voice and donate what you can!