A poem for InterNachi Inspectors

I’m loosing a couple of inspections a week to price shoppers so I wrote a poem. I wonder if it would help my web site?

We are from InterNachi and you should know… we are trained much better than the average Joe.

We have done inspections for many years…some of our findings would drive you to tears…

If you’re buying a home that’s been neglected… don’t go by price to have it inspected… We have the latest in tools… training and skill

don’t skimp on that to save a $20.00 dollar bill. On our reports we reflect…

Every item we detect… Does the plumbing drain… will the roof have a leak… give us a call and we’ll take a peek…

We’ve done this for others and they were glad… we often find things that could have turned bad…

We are easy to reach and our rates are fair… we’ll inspect your home from front to rear…

You can choose from NAHI, ASHI and others but if you want the best choose a NACHI brother.

If you have used us once than we know you have found…other Inspectors are just looking around.

I say put it to music.

Gary, email me at fastreply@nachi.org your shipping address. I’m shipping you our entire inspection book library at no cost (a $663.15 value).

Great poem BTW!

There once was a silly home buyer
Who passed on the fee that was higher.
His inspector was cheap.
The report, he did keep,
Until it burned with the house in a fire.

Roses are red
ASHI is dead :smiley:

Blue is a violet
Red is a rose
You mess with a Nachi Inspector
He’ll break your nose

or how about…

Blue is a violet, Red is a rose
You hire an ASHI inspector and
what you get no one knows
If you decide to go with the best
Hire InterNachi which is
obviously better than the rest