A proper sistering method.?

Hello everyone… Is there any diagrams lke mike holts electricial ones that have proper sistering or foundations methods? I ran across one today that a termite/contractor that questioned a sistered joist. I can understand his thinking your nailing into a insect eaten board. I mentioned that it should be sistered 2/3’s of span on both sides and bolted. Any help would be very helpful/useful

Thanks in advance.!!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Christofer;

The red flag here is TERMITES.

Was the sistering done before or after the termite remediation.??

If done after the remedial treatments the sistering should have been installed in a manner to actually replace the existing. If any component of the original is still intact, I would recommend attachment to that member.
Remember, big brother was there before, but needs help from his sister to pull out of this disease. You can share the load or take it over.


Good description, Marcel. :wink: That’s what sistering is about.