A real beauty today

Love inspecting lake front property. 7100 Square feet, immaculate condition.

7100K (1).JPG

7100K (4).JPG

7100K (3).JPG

7100K (2).JPG

Looks good Peter.
Did you find much wrong?

What was the price tag on that baby?

I don’t often get jealous but…

That one is hard not to, huh Jim?:slight_smile:

Thats a beaut!!

I couldn’t find much, which if you ask some Realtor’s it’s hard to believe, just some maintenance stuff.

Home is used part time and professionally maintained. Listed for 2 million which is a bargain considering it’s on an acre, has a forty foot dock, over 300 feet of lake frontage and a beautiful sandy beach.


No harm in trying to negotiate the boats in as well. :smiley:

Yes sir. Me too. Wow!

Check out some of the other nice features of this house, was truly very tastefully done.

July 2015 (2).JPG

July 2015 (1).JPG

July 2015 (3).JPG

July 2015 (4).JPG