A real beauty

12K square foot lake front mansion with 400 feet of sugar sand beach.

The entire house was just outstanding!!

So what?

Nice little summer home…

holy moly

Nice! How long did it take you for the inspection and report? Are we going to see any of you great septic inspection pictures of this property? (If on septic)

Dream house right there. Did you get to inspect it?

You buying that for your summer/retirement place, Peter? :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Thanks for sharing…:cool:

Yeah, I wish I had that for a summer home. Home, septic, water quality, radon air and radon water. Took 5 hours to inspect and about three hours for the report, 39 pages with picture’s and summary.

Very well kept home but a lot to it!!


Peter…not bad for a $199 inspection fee with septic included! :smiley:

Only if it comes with a maid for upkeep :smiley: I guess if you can afford a pad like that, you can afford an Alice.

HAHA :wink:

I could do one of these a week and be happy, go fishing the rest of the week!!