Nice view (If I was allowed to enjoy it)

Todays Condo Inspection came from a call last night .

I want to share the great view of Navy Pier here in Chicago and at the same time comment on the fact that more and more of these Developers are trying to control the Inspection as much as possible, and it gets my Goat to put up with their lousy restrictions…

Paying $22 dollars to park is bad enough , but then you show up and the jerk Representative for the developer tells you that you have ! hour and no more.

I pulled off a few panels to stretch the time , but even that did not stop the clock master as he said they would finish putting them back.

$1,000,000 Condos and they bully the buyer. AMAZING.

Buyers should have more rights in regards to being entitled to a full Inspection.


DSCN0012 (Small).JPG

DSCN0012 (Small).JPG

DSCN0011 (Small).JPG

Awesome Shots Robert! We go with friends once a year and stay downtown for the weekend. We party Rush and beyond and of course we have bleacher seats at Wrigley for the finale. The only thing I don’t like is the drive home at the end of the weekend…Pretty Rough!:margarit:


Help the buyers! Explain to them that THEY are represented by you.

Too often, these buildings can only be bought if the sellers agent is doing dual agency (i.e., the seller’s agent is the agent for the buyer!).

Represent, and do a good job (like you always do!)

Hope this helps;

Oh they know.
More often than not there is no buyer Agent.
I make it my business to explain as much as I can regarding Associations.
I have two years worth of Sunday Tribune Condo talk clippings to prove it.

They try and make the clients feel it is what it is.

Once a buyer moves in the developer may be hard pressed to change things and they need to have a punch list record of what needs to be done before closing or risk having a very hard time.

The Developers have many units to sell and should try hard to please the buyers or risk having empty units.

People pay top dollar for Condos to not have to worry about defects and maintenance issues, but they need to know they will pay a percentage of future problems.

I try and talk to other unit owners or the Engineers where possible as you can learn more than you might think , just by talking to people.

If they do not allow roof access I sneak up anyway.(though not all the time)

Yes, Condos are another catagory all together.

Although you are talking Condos, I have to share a story about a 1.5m home that I inspected. Per the client I had to be inconspicious while doing the walk thru as the builder forbids any 3rd party inspection…WTF. 73 line items later and a Pissed OFF builder rep, I did my duty and submitted my findings in a report. The same builder called 2wks later and asked if I would come aboard to do quality control. Go Figure!!! I am still working with the same builder in implementing that same quality control but for myself indepently and not as an employee of that company.

What were the official reasons for not allowing third party inspection Paul.

Good coup by the way.

Nice pics Bob. Here is an inspection I did awhile back on a condo on the intracoastal in the City of Adventura.





It’s more and more common to have an inspection prohibition in development contracts of sale.

Humberto, you are not allowed to use post cards on your post.:slight_smile:

Will , push the State for me please.

We need buyers rights NOW!

Not only does this trend hurt our business , but it hurts families as well.

LOL. The view was rather nice Bob. I enjoyed it for about all 3 minutes and then had to move on. I keep all my pictures from all my inspections. Do any of you also do that? I have a separate USB external drive. Figure I should keep them for awhile anyway. Not sure why, just do.


I use them for web site pictures and yes I keep mine too.
Why not? as you can store them on line also.

I sometimes load them up and practice my reports.

Yeah , strange .

You guys have all the luck. I look out the window of one of my inspections and I see this.

or this.

I had some nice views this week also… The handicap ramp really caught my attention.

P5170009 (Small).JPG

P5170008 (Small).JPG

P5180014 (Small).JPG

OK, who is the biggest *** for teasing us with these beautiful views.

I vote for Linas.

And how would they react if you took your sweet-as$ time and purposely ran over their one hour limit?

I would have stretched this particular inspection out on purpose, just to get a reaction.

Nobody tells me what time I must be completed.

Linus, is it just the angle of the picture or does that ramp have such a steep incline? Wow!

What’s wrong with the ramp?

Simply place wheelchair at the edge, at push lightly.

When I saw the thumbnail , I thought it was leading into the water of the second picture.

David I pulled off the panels for the Ambient four pipe system and the sub-panel at the same time along with the filters for the micro hood for that very reason and I got nagged out anyway.

He may have been mad when I found a loose guard rail support.

Hey Linus;

They must of read the slope requirement backwards.

10:1 slope in lieu of 1:10 slope. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The ramp was on a store in Cozumel, Mexico. Exit only???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: