A reminder about attic safety... it happened. :(

I’m posting this as a reminder to all to stay safe, particularly in attics and crawls and on the roof. This profession can be dangerous.

Always use the 3 point rule in attics, making 3 points of contact at all times so that if there is slip or trip you have a much better chance of catching yourself… and this not happening to you.

Thanks for the reminder. Hope you are not hurt and little damage done .

Many of us have done this and need to remind others what does happen .

Roy Cooke

Great reminder, safety first as this can happen very quickly

Bummer, Dave. I hope no one got too hurt.

That is for sure! :shock:

Bummer, Dave. I hope no one got too hurt.

That is for sure! :shock:

Thanks for sharing.

Dave, you’re suppose to use the stairs ;-).

It happened to me last summer.

The lesson I learned it don’t trust the walk boards homeowners lay across the framing. I was focused on a damaged truss and the walk boards were particle board…you know how that ended!

I’m fine…the owner hurt his back and was moving very slowly. He was a triathalon athlete or I fear this would be a much sadder story. He was taking Christmas decorations out of the attic.

Don’t trust anything anyone puts in attics!

Another vote for not trusting boards in the attic. I almost went through yesterday. Luckily I was doing the three-point thing, and hadn’t fully committed to the step when the board broke.

For sure! I had 3 attics today… one of them had loose materials in the attic which appeared to be bracing material. Stay safe!!

Most of all remember they are not accidents they are mistakes.;-);-):shock:

Yep, nobody intentionally goes through a ceiling.

This is why I always wear snow skis and perpendicularly stride the joists. Works like a champ and is super-safe.

What brand of skis would you recommended? :stuck_out_tongue:

When you step on what appears to be walking boards, and they flip up! Makes the ticker skip a beat or two!

Not many go through the ceiling a second time .
I tried it once did not like it .